Anti-bullying initiatives that work

Welcome to the 63rd episode of the Diverse Minds podcast. It’s anti-bullying week from the 11th to the 15th of November. As many of you know, workplace bullying and combating it is something I feel very deeply about. Why,  as it impacts so negatively on so many people’s mental health. 

However, do you know about anti-bullying initiatives that work? It can be very tricky to pinpoint this as there isn’t enough research on this area. I thought it would be good to find out more. So,  joining me today to talk about this is Chloë Gough. 

About my guest

Chloë Gough is a work psychologist and doctoral researcher based at Loughborough University.  

Chloë gained her BSc in Psychology at Loughborough and stayed on to complete an MSc in Work Psychology. During which, she focussed her thesis on exploring menopausal voice within the workplace and the implications for employee mental health and well-being. She was then offered the opportunity to complete a PhD exploring how to improve the effectiveness of workplace bullying interventions. Trying to establish the anti-bullying initiatives that really work. 

A self-confessed ‘pracademic’, Chloë is highly motivated to translate research into feasible and practicable interventions. With the aim that they will protect and promote the health and well-being of employees within organisations.  

In line with this, she also works as a consultant psychologist advising and providing insight for organisations on:  

  • Workplace bullying and other forms of unethical workplace behaviour 
  • Workplace bullying interventions (design, preparation, implementation, content) 
  • Change management and in particular, establishing readiness for change 
  • Workplace health psychology (health and well-being of employees at work)
  • Menopause in the workplace (and the relevance of employee voice with this) 
  • Equality, diversity and unconscious bias within the work environment 

Listen to the episode

In today’s show, we talk about:

  • About my guest, Chloë Gough. [01:20]
  • Her definition of the term “pracademic”? [02:49]
  • How she started doing research on workplace bullying and interventions. [04:47]
  • What the term bullying means to her. [06:23]
  • The negative impact of workplace bullying on mental health. [16:18]
  • Why anti-bullying initiatives that work are like flowers [18.45]
  • A framework for effective workplace bullying interventions [20.10]
  • The discomfort of addressing bullying behaviours [22.20]
  • Chloë’s top 3 tips for looking after her mental health. [32:20]

Quotes on anti-bullying initiatives that work: 

  • A “pracademic” is somebody who wants to produce research that can be translated into feasible, practical, tangible solutions.
  • I’m very interested and passionate in looking at ways to help organisations prevent unreduced instances that threaten employee health and well being.
  • Workplace bullying can significantly damage mental health, both short and long term.
  • Speaking to people about how I feel on a regular basis is something that I do very often.
  • Exercise is super important to me. Keeping fit is a priority of mine.

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