Man Standing on a hill in Thailand with a blue and pink sunrise by Colton Duke

How to find peace in an intense world

In this month’s guest blog for International Stress Awareness Week, Anne Williams provides her top six tips to find peace in an intense world. Why we need to find peace in an intense world This year has been a lot to handle, and you’re not alone if you’re struggling to find peace in an intense world. The stresses and uncertainty of COVID-19, with still no end in sight, have had a detrimental effect on people’s mental health – and it’s…

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An Asian woman with a yellow top smiling with her chin resting on her hands.

How To Promote Your Loved One’s Independence

Why you need to promote your loved one’s independence As we approach a possible second wave of COVID, elderly people across the UK are becoming more at risk of damaging their mental health through isolation and the constant bombardment of worrying news. As Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge from WHO states: “I am reminding governments and authorities that all communities must be supported to deliver interventions to ensure older people have what they need. All older people should be treated…

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Two elderly men sit on a bench in Portugal not speaking and isolated from the other side of the park

Why loneliness in the elderly is a quiet epidemic

Loneliness in the Elderly and Coronavirus The coronavirus pandemic has been an incredibly challenging time for many of us. It’s fair to say that the elderly are among those who have been hit the hardest. This is because of their vulnerability to the virus. Meaning many have had to isolate themselves completely from their family and friends. These extreme levels of self-isolation have rightly become the focus of public attention throughout the lockdown, but this is by no means a…

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World Parkinson’s Day: My Name is Claire

World Parkinson’s Day World Parkinson’s Day is all about understanding and getting to know people with Parkinson’s. As well as and the people in their lives. Sadly, many people living with Parkinson’s are far too familiar with loneliness and feeling left out. Add to this the Coronavirus pandemic, social isolation and physical distancing has intensified emotional isolation that was present for many. The chances are you will know or meet someone with Parkinson’s. Everyone needs to sit-up, take notice and…

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Autism At Work- National Autism Week

Autism at Work

World Autism Awareness Week This week’s blog is thanks to Vanda Latchford.  Vanda is a Job Coach at the National Autistic Society. In this blog she talks about autism and work, the current landscape. She also provides her five tips for an autism-friendly workplace. Autism at Work I am very proud to be part of the National Autistic Society. I deliver the Autism at Work programme sponsored by the Bloomfield Trust. My work as a job coach is inspired daily…

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