Visibility with Louise

Visibility with Louise Ndibwirende Goux-Wirth 

Visibility and What it Means In today’s episode of the Diverse Minds podcast, I’m joined by Louise Goux-Wirth to talk about visibility. Louise shares her insights about visibility and being seen at work. We talk about the positive impact of being visible and how it can help your career trajectory. When and how to make yourself more visible, and why it’s important to do so. Louise also talks about when to keep your head down if you’re underrepresented in the…

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Negotiating something better

Welcome to the 40th episode of the Diverse Minds Podcast. For some of us things may be getting back to normal. However, if you are anything like me, you’re probably trying to process what’s been happening. Negotiating Something Better Many of us have been finding that we’ve been pedalling hard, but not really getting anywhere. Or not being recognised for the work that has been done during this difficult time. So how do you have the conversation with your manager…

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Why bother with inclusive language

Why bother with Inclusive Language?

On today’s episode, I’m talking about inclusive language. Why bother with inclusive language, why it is so important and why language matters so much. I decided to talk about this because inclusive language seems to be a hot topic. One that many organisations, prior to lock down, were asking me to deliver workshops on. In fact, during this period of social and physical distancing, I’ve heard unhelpful expressions around inclusive language.  Listen to podcast If you enjoyed this episode, then…

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Five Lessons we can learn from Noughts and Crosses

On today’s episode, I’m going to be talking about the five lessons we can all learn from the TV series, Noughts and Crosses, to address inequity in the workplace. I decided to talk about this because while I was watching the show, I completely fell in love with all the characters, and became very engrossed in the series as many people did. I also felt there were lots of parallels and lessons we could all learn to improve the workplace…

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Coronavirus and Humanitarian Perspectives Asil Sidahmed

Coronavirus and Humanitarian perspectives

Coronavirus and Humanitarian perspectives  On today’s episode, I talk about public health and COVID-19. With a focus on race, white privilege, public health and intersectionality. To discuss these points and her journey, I am joined by Asil Sidahmed.  If you enjoyed this episode, then consider subscribing on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you access your podcasts from.   About My Guest Asil Sidahmed is an advocacy practitioner with over a decades’ experience in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe in humanitarianism. With all her experience, this…

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