BAME Women on Boards

Get on Board: Why diversity on boards matters

This week I attended the University of Leeds Council Meeting, from the other side of the table. What do I mean by this? I used to be a member of Council as a Student Union Officer in 2003-2004. November last year I was asked to become a Council member (equivalent to a trustee). I was filled with joy. You may think, why? Firstly, it was my alma matter, so I was honoured. Secondly, as I run my own business it’s…

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Colourful doors

Add a sprinkling of culture in the workplace

What’s culture got to do with me? In March I was a guest presenter at Team Management System Development International (TMSDI) network member forum. I was speaking about culture and the Team Management Profile. Personal culture has always been something that I am cognoscente of in everything that I do. Why? As I describe myself as an inside-outsider. I am British, but was born in the USA, am Asian with East African heritage. Growing up in more of an Eastern cultural context…

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On International Women’s Day, one size does not fit all

Happy International Women’s Day! A very Happy International Women’s Day in this auspicious year of the Vote 100 celebrations and campaigns. We will also see mandatory gender pay reporting, which starts next month, coincidentally in this centenary year. 2018 is proving to be a thought-provoking and challenging year so far. Do we still need to celebrate International Women’s Day? International Women’s Day is still very much needed and brings women from around the globe together through momentous projects, plans and…

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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year: a platform for cross cultural understanding

Happy Chinese New Year Gong Xi Fa Cai, a Happy Chinese New Year to you! I am excited about the year of the Dog, as it is my Chinese zodiacal animal. In 2016 I watched the BBC series Chinese New Year: The Biggest Celebration on Earth with wonder and amazement. It’s heartening to see in the last ten years Chinese New Year being more widely recognised in the workplace. They key however is to take the learning from a cultural event to…

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Hug at work

When is it acceptable to hug at work?

21st of January is National Hugging DayTM.  Yes that’s right, an annual day dedicated to hugging. It was created by American, Kevin Zaborney in 1986 to encourage everyone to hug friends and family more. How about hugging at work though? Where are the boundaries and when is it ok to hug at work? Personal contact at work In some organisations there may be hard and fast rules about hugging or being in close contact at work. This tightrope subject may…

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