Bullying and Harassment in the workplace

Bullying and harassment in the workplace: what you can do about it.

This week is Anti-Bullying Week and in this episode of the podcast, I focus on bullying and harassment in the workplace and what you can do about it.  Bullying is unfortunately very common at work and can be present in many different ways. It is devastating and distressing for those being bullied and will have a negative effect on your workers’ mental health.  So, I address what workplace bullying is, how to spot it if you’re being bullied or if…

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Stress as a Badge of Honour

Do you wear stress as a badge of honour?

In this episode of the Diverse Minds Podcast, I am going to be talking about how we can tend to wear stress as a badge of honour.  I will also highlight how to address your stress for National Stress Awareness Week running 4- 8 November 2019. The first Wednesday in November is National Stress Awareness Day and is led by the International Stress Management Association. This year’s theme is Resilience – The Power to Succeed.  In today’s show, I talk…

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Mac Alonge from Equal Approach Using data to inform your Black History Month

Using data to inform BHM with Mac Alonge

As part of the Diverse Minds Black History Month special, I am delighted to have Mac Alonge on this week’s episode to tell us how to use data to inform your Black History Month events.   About my guest Mac is the Founder and CEO of data-driven, equality, diversity and inclusion tech company, The Equal Group.  The Equal Group are focused on providing forward-thinking organisations with the tools and support that they need to optimise their equality, diversity and inclusion efforts. …

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Photo of Dr Manish Tayal

What is Diwali and how it’s celebrated with Dr. Manish Tayal

This week on the Diverse Minds podcast we are going to be talking all about the festival of Diwali and how you can celebrate in your workplace. If you don’t know what that is, then fear not, as this week’s guest is going to tell you all about it.  I am joined by the extremely qualified Dr. Manish Tayal MBE Surgeon Commander in the British Royal Navy. About my guest Dr. Manish Tayal MBE joined the Royal Navy in 2004,…

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How to organise meaningful Black History Month Events at work

In today’s episode, I talk about how to organise Black History Month events at work in a meaningful way.   Organising Black History Month Events Having organised numerous Black History Month events in previous roles and workplaces, I want to share my insights and experiences with you. So in this episode, I’ll share with you the tips, tricks, techniques, and barriers that I’ve jumped over to make Black History Month possible in the workplace.  In today’s show, I talk about: Two…

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