Neurodivergent Support in Education

In this week's podcast Aquayemi Claude Garnett Akinsanya talks about the lack neurodivergent support in education as a young Black man and the ways he is changing the landscape in this area. Continue Reading Neurodivergent Support in Education

Welcome to the 173rd episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. This month’s theme is all about intersectionality in disability. We have a variety of guests who have varying experiences and perspectives, and this week I’m joined by Aquayemi Claude Garnett Akinsanya to discuss neurodivergent support in education.

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About my guest

Claude identifies as a 24-year-old neurodivergent Black British male who has managed epilepsy. He was born and brought up and has lived in Britain his whole life.

He is the creator of the awareness fashion line for The Claude’s SEN Law Campaign launched in 2020 from the initial campaign developed in 2015. His non-profit Clothing Brand is to gain awareness, of Claude’s SEN Law. Claude wants to pass the ‘Claude SEN Law’ Campaign which invites the government to investigate the curriculums approach to Special Educational Needs and also the wider educational and employment opportunities.

He published four books at the age of 23 while being denied an education in 2017, because of my hidden disabilities, and also the colour of his skin as a young black male individual who is changing the narrative for an Inclusive and diverse world, with equal opportunities.

He has also created the Safe Space Tuesday Afternoon Tea Event which is all about mental health awareness for individuals, who require a safe space to talk while drinking tea online whether that’s via Twitter Space or Zoom. Who believes in: an “Inclusive equal world for Neurodiverse, people with hidden, visible disabilities and the awareness of the #TheClaudesSENLaw.

In today’s show about Neurodivergent Support in Education

  • About Claude and the work he does. [02:19]
  • His journey to becoming a campaigner [04:54]
  • What do the terms “neurodivergent” and “neurodiverse” mean to him. [08:59]
  • The biggest challenge for neurodivergent individuals, and neurodivergent individuals from Black global majority and diaspora backgrounds in accessing support. [10:37]
  • His top 3 tips for looking after his mental health. [16:17]

Quotes on Neurodivergent Support in Education

  • There’s this big issue where the investment is not going into education, and unfortunately, going into other areas.
  • I don’t think mental health is discussed as much as it could be in society.
  • Music is a lifeline for me.
  • All human beings are human beings.
  • I love to write and it’s been a wonderful gift to learn because of my experience in secondary education.

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