Stop Hate UK Spread Love not Hate Campaign

How hate crime impacts mental health

It’s Hate Crime Awareness Week running from 13 to 20 October. This year’s theme is Spread Love Not Hate. Hate crime is defined as an offence which the victim considers to be driven by hostility towards one or more of the following characteristics: race, nationality, religion, belief, sexual orientation, disability or gender identity. The word offence encompasses verbal abuse, intimidation, threats, harassment, assault, bullying (exertion/abuse of power), and damage to property (which includes vandalism). Shamefully, we have seen a national…

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Social media and mental health

Young People+Social Media: Help or Hindrance?

World Mental Health Day on Wednesday 10th October is an annual global awareness raising day. This year’s theme is #Handsup4HealthyMinds, which focuses on young people’s mental health in a changing world. In the last ten years we have seen social media and technology become integral to our world. However, what are the long-term effects of social media on young people today? Half of all worldwide mental illness  starts by age 14. In the UK, 10% of children and young people (aged 5-16 years) have a clinically diagnosable…

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Colourful cups stacked in a pyramid to show inclusive workplaces.

8 Practical Ways to Build an Inclusive Workplace

For Inclusion Week 2018 I am delighted to have Andrea Goodridge from Ad Florem as a guest writer for Diverse Minds. Here are her eight practical ways to create an inclusive workplace. In today’s workplace, great leaders recognise that diversity is an asset and that people’s differences are a strength and not a weakness. Barriers based on gender, race, religion, sexuality, physical ability, and even the different ways we all process information and learn are being broken down. But there’s…

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Building a robust flexible working policy

Let’s all Flex! Building a robust Flexible Working Policy

This year on 12 September was the first National Flexible Working Day (#letsallflextogether) led by Helen Wright, Founder of 9-2-3 Jobs. The aim of the day was to empower employees to ask for flexible working hours, as well as championing the benefits of working flexibly. There is currently a skills shortage in many organisations as a result of the nine-to-five plus expectations many employers have. Providing flexible working would help to bridge this gap. Flexible working is not just a “women’s issue”. It’s…

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Lone working and mental health

Impacts of Lone Working on Mental Health

I find September always seems to have a “back to school” feel about it. Perhaps it’s because I worked in education for such a long time. For some, September can have that new start feeling, whilst for others there is a real sense of dread with Winter looming. Lone working has been in my mind this week whilst undertaking a policy reviews for a charity in a voluntary capacity. It got me thinking about the potential vulnerabilities of an individual…

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