Building a robust flexible working policy

Let’s all Flex! Building a robust Flexible Working Policy

This year on 12 September was the first National Flexible Working Day (#letsallflextogether) led by Helen Wright, Founder of 9-2-3 Jobs. The aim of the day was to empower employees to ask for flexible working hours, as well as championing the benefits of working flexibly. There is currently a skills shortage in many organisations as a result of the nine-to-five plus expectations many employers have. Providing flexible working would help to bridge this gap. Flexible working is not just a “women’s issue”. It’s…

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Lone working and mental health

Impacts of Lone Working on Mental Health

I find September always seems to have a “back to school” feel about it. Perhaps it’s because I worked in education for such a long time. For some, September can have that new start feeling, whilst for others there is a real sense of dread with Winter looming. Lone working has been in my mind this week whilst undertaking a policy reviews for a charity in a voluntary capacity. It got me thinking about the potential vulnerabilities of an individual…

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Two people having a cream tea

Afternoon Tea with your Team

Some of you may not even know this week exists, but it’s Afternoon Tea Week from 13-19 August 2018. It’s all about celebrating this tradition and recognising quirky, quaint and unique venues around the UK to “take tea”. Tea drinking dates back to China, (c. 3rd Century BC) but afternoon tea was supposedly started by the Portuguese Infanta Catherine de Braganza, King Charles II’s wife in the 1660s. It was the popularised in the 1880s by Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford.…

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Small Talk Saves Lives

What if I say the Wrong Thing?

It was Samaritans Day on 24 July entitled #TheBigListen. A 24-hour fundraising campaign to enable the charity continue their crucial work and raise awareness of the importance of listening and lending an ear to others. I saw volunteers at various train stations handing out copies of their SHUSH listening tips and sharing the photos on social media to raise awareness. Around 20% of the UK population will have suicidal thoughts at any given time. Out of this 20%, 6.7% will go onto…

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Chair with a thinking outside the box lightbox.

Five quick ways to bring innovation into your workplace

Celebrating the NHS Last week saw the 70th anniversary of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). The ground-breaking, innovative creation of a state-funded health care for all UK citizens. Sadly, at the moment the NHS is in a precarious state. I was listening to stories on the radio about the first nurses to work in the NHS in 1948, how innovative it was and the sheer amount of love the UK has for the NHS. The staff that have saved…

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