Coaching with Diverse Minds


Coaching is a productive conversation between a coach and coachee (the person being coached) to enable them to fully develop themselves and reach their goals. What coaching does is to ask powerful questions to help the coachee find the answers that will work for them. Diverse Minds specialises in cross-cultural management coaching, team coaching and 1-2-1 coaching addressing career progression and wellbeing. The coaching practice is non-directive and coachee-led. There is no right or wrong, it is what you bring to the session. You can get to where you want to be by creating a framework that suits you.

It is from my own experience of feeling frustrated and exhausted about my career that I turned to coaching in 2015. It was a pivotal time, which subsequently shaped my future direction for the best. I was honoured to be offered the opportunity to train as a coach a year later.

All coachees receive a free 30 min consultation to ascertain whether the coach and style is the right fit for them. This will also be an opportunity to ask any questions, discuss the coaching agreement as well as costs.

Please find a full list of frequently asked questions below, so you can find out more.


Coaching FAQs

What is coaching?

Will a coach tell me what to do?

Isn’t coaching the same as counselling or therapy?

Is coaching confidential?

Is there anything I shouldn’t talk about?

What kind of coaching do you do?

Can I get a free taster prior to deciding if it’s right for me?

What's the first step?

Do I need to do or prepare anything before we speak?

What happens in the introductory call?

How much does 1-2-1 coaching cost?

How long does a coaching session last for?

Does coaching have to be face-to-face?

How do I book a session/sessions?

How regularly do the sessions take place?

Can I book just one session?

How does a coaching session work?

Will there be homework to complete?

Can I contact you between sessions?

How is group coaching different to 1-2-1 coaching?

What makes you a coach?