Coaching with Diverse Minds

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a conversation between a coach and coachee (the person being coached). The aim of the conversation is to help the coachee reach their goals. Coaching asks powerful questions to enable the coachee find the answers that will work for them. There is no right or wrong, it is what you want to bring to the session. You can achieve what you want to, by having the time and space to consider your options.

Diverse Minds specialises in 1-2-1 coaching that addresses career progression, cultural identity and wellbeing. We also deliver cross-cultural management and team coaching for organisations.

It is from my own experience of feeling frustrated and exhausted about my career that I turned to coaching in 2015. It was a pivotal time, which subsequently shaped my future direction for the best. I was honoured to be offered the opportunity to train as a coach a year later.

To find out if my style is right for you, please book free 30 min consultation. This is an opportunity to ask any questions you have, discuss the coaching agreement, ethical framework and costs

Please find a full list of frequently asked questions below, so you can find out more.

Coaching FAQs

Coaching is about growth and development centred on a conversation between a coach and coachee (client).

The focus of the conversation is solely on the coachee that will help the coachee consider their goals, learn, move forward, and reach their potential.  It is based on the premise that the coachee has the answers, the coach will simply support by asking questions to unlock the answers within the coachee.

Coaches may not be an expert in all areas of a coachee’s work, but they will have a number of tools and techniques to be able to ask powerful questions to facilitate development.

No, a coach will not tell you what to do or judge you. Coaching sessions are a time for you to talk and explore a specific issue or goal. In coaching there is no right or wrong way to achieve what you want to. A coach will ask questions to get you thinking but will not give advice or push you in a particular direction.

Counselling and/or therapy, tend to focus on a negative or life changing event(s) in the past. These therapeutic models deal with cognitive and emotional trauma, which may be stopping someone to function optimally. Therapy and counselling use specific frameworks to help someone to regain mental balance with life, work and relationships.

Coaching in contrast, focuses on what is happening in the present. It is future focused, action orientated and supportive in helping clients move towards their goals. Coaching is not a substitute for counselling or therapy, but it can work in conjunction with them.

Yes, coaching is completely confidential between the coach and coachee. I comply with GDPR and do not take any case notes. The only exception(s) in relation to confidentiality would be due to criminal activity, risk of harm to yourself or others. In which case I have an ethical duty to report it to the relevant authorities or next of kin as appropriate.

No, I am committed to making the sessions work for you. The only caveat with this is, if I feel that a counsellor, therapist or other expert would be better placed to support you. I may then stop the coaching session and encourage you to seek support if that’s appropriate or required.

The coaching that I focus on centres on wellbeing and career progression. You may have been considering that promotion, thinking about changing job or reaching your potential in another way.

However, you are also concerned about burnout, stress and maintaining wellbeing to juggle everything. Then you have come to the right place! Having been there myself and supported people at the very same crossroads I have chosen to specialise in this area. That’s not to say I won’t coach people who have other goals. The free 30 min call is an opportunity for you to find out if what I do is right for you.

Yes, absolutely you can book a free 30 minute phone call to see if coaching is right for you. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions, raise any concerns and outline an issue you wish to bring to into the coaching space. There is no obligation to proceed, this is your opportunity to find out more and see if I am the right fit for you. You can book a slot here:

Prior to starting coaching, if you would like to go ahead,  I will also send you a coaching partnership agreement. This sets out rights and responsibilities for both of us and outlines expectations from the start.

Please book a free introductory call with Leyla here:

Prior to our phone call you will be sent a quick form to complete to make the most of our time. This will help me understand what you are looking for in a coach. The main thing is to be willing to speak about what’s made you consider coaching. You may also like to jot down any questions you have about the process or my experience.

You will have the opportunity to ask any questions, raise any concerns and outline an issue you wish to bring to into the coaching space. There is no obligation to proceed, this is your opportunity to find out more and see if I am the right fit for you. You can ask me about my experience and about the work I have done.

The cost per is £250+VAT per session with a minimum of four sessions (each session is 60 mins).

If you pay in one block it’s £1000+VAT for five sessions (one session free). Payment is to be received by BACS.

Coaching sessions are booked in for 60 minutes.

Not at all, in fact, the majority of the coaching I do is over video call or the phone. It works well and makes it Covid safe, easier for people who can’t travel or have limited time. Coaching over the phone can help coachees feel more at ease as they are in their own environment.

Following the introductory call, if you decide you would like to go ahead, I will send you a link to book your first session. Prior to starting coaching I will also send you a coaching partnership agreement, which sets out rights and responsibilities for both of us. This outlines expectations from the start.

Again, this will be up to you and how you want to space the sessions within a six month period. There is no set formula, it’s what works best for you.

I encourage people to book in block of four where possible to support them with their development journey. If you feel you need more sessions in addition to the block, then a one-off session can be booked.

If you would like to book a one=off session you may do so by booking a Power Hour.

Usually, there is no set structure or format to a coaching session. If you feel this would be helpful then please let me know. You bring a topic, issue or goal to the session. I listen and ask questions to help you get to where you want to be.

Initially, it may feel strange to have uninterrupted speaking time to talk about yourself. By having this safe time and space you will begin to find solutions, ways forward and decide which actions to commit to. As mentioned previously, there is no right or wrong way to be a coachee. Just go with what feels natural for you.

I don’t tend to set or give “homework” routinely. However, there may be occasions where we both agree an activity or task that may be helpful. It’s completely up to you whether you chose to complete it.

You may e-mail me between our meetings if you can’t wait to share a success with me or are really stuck. I will aim to reply within 48 hours.

Group coaching is coaching in a group. I usually do this with a team of people who work together. 1-2-1 coaching is only the coach and the coachee.

I have an Institute in Leadership and Management Level 5 Qualification in Coaching and am happy to send you a copy of my certificate on request. I am a member for the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and adhere to their ethical framework.

In terms of experience, I have been coaching for seven years. I am a Mental Health First Aid Instructor and workplace mediator which supports my coaching skills. I also attend regular CPD days and supervision to ensure that I maintain and update my skills.