Training with Diverse Minds


The training offered comes into three distinct categories team building, wellbeing and leadership all with the underpinning principles of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Team Building

Build a cohesive team during an active day of team training. Team building provides the skills, training and resources that your people need, so that they can work in harmony and manage any conflict. We offer a number of ways to do this.

Team Management Profiles using the TMSDI tool. The Team Management Profile is a unique management and team development tool that gives you more perspectives on individual performance, high energy teamworking and organisational culture.

It offers personal feedback based on extensive research with and for managers into what creates personal success and high performance teamworking. This can be half day or full day session.

Tetramap (TM) Certified

Improving communication using TetraMapTM. Using both the metaphor and principles of nature, TetraMap is a unique model that helps make communication easy. It enables teams to understand themselves and each other better. For leaders it is a very helpful insight into what makes people tick.

The beauty of TetraMap is its simplicity and clarity it brings to understanding differences in human behaviour. This can be half day or full day session.

Team Management Systems - TMSDI

Cross cultural awareness is a half-day session that explores individual, team and organisational culture and the interplay between them.

Using the principles of high and low context cultures and Hofstede’s work on global culture this enables teams to tune-into the culture and work effectively in cross-cultural environments. This can be delivered with or without TetraMap and/or Team Management Profiles

Wellbeing Training

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training. Mental health problems are common across all sectors of society, with 1 in 4 adults experiencing mental-ill health in any given year. Support from colleagues, line managers and frontline staff is clearly vital in helping people to get the right support they need.

However, it can feel daunting to know where to start and how to have the conversation. This is how MHFA equips people with the skills they need. MHFA does not teach people to be therapists. However, it does teach people how to recognise the symptoms of mental health problems, how to provide initial help and how to guide a person towards appropriate professional help. Three options are available:

Adult Mental Health First Aid Lite

Half-day course (3 hours)
Basic Awareness

Adult Workplace Mental Health First Aid – 1 Day

1-day course (8 hours)
Qualifies delegates as champions

Adult Workplace Mental Health First Aid – 2 Days

2-day course (14 hours)
Qualifies delegates as full MHFAiders

The training is accredited by Mental Health First Aid England participants will receive an e-certificate on completion of the course.

Tackling stress and building resilience for managers is a half day course for managers to identify stressors for themselves and their teams. It explores the principles of the Health and Safety Executives management framework. The session looks at ways to build resilience and devise an action plan for a positively productive workplace.

Mental Health First Aid Member

Leadership Courses

Lead to Achieve BAME Leadership Programme

L2A empowers staff who wish to further their careers at by developing and fine tuning both new and existing skills and talents. The core of this programme delegates understanding and utilising their different cultural approaches, and setting themselves SMART objectives to advance their careers.

L2A programme attempts to address some of the issues still faced by some BAME staff. Statistics and research show that BAME staff are not fully represented in senior positions. Despite possessing qualifications and skill sets equivalent to their white counterparts. Lead to Achieve guides individuals to not only take responsibility for their own careers but help them to develop strategies to overcome barriers that they may face.

Calibre Leadership programme for disabled staff

Calibre has been designed to address the unique challenge of disability in the workplace. It is for all disabled staff, junior, middle and senior grades. Calibre specifically addresses the barriers that hinder career development for disabled staff.

It creates leaders by enhancing confidence and empowers disabled staff to help themselves to change the environment they work in. Its approach is like no other programme on offer today.

Unconscious Bias in Leadership

Unconscious Bias is a term that is often banded around, but what does it mean to champion this as a leader? During this programme unconscious bias, assumptions and stereotypes will be explored to ensure the talent and future talent of any team can be maximised.

Delegates will carry-out myth-busting on assumptions, stereotypes and privilege. Discuss how to create an equal playing field and support wellbeing through being more aware of our biases
This session is aimed at managers and leaders and is a half-day course.

Dyslexia Champions TM Programme

This two-day open programme is particularly useful for managers, supervisors, team leaders, Trade Union reps and HR professionals. Equally, it is open to anyone in a people-facing role interested in learning more about dyslexia and neuro-divergence in the workplace.

It will equip you with the knowledge and skills to be able to signpost people to further information to enable them to flourish in the workplace, by providing this initial support. Find out more about the training via this video from a previous delegate:

Prices for leadership courses will depend on the number of individuals, days and where the course will be run. Please book a 30 min phone call for further information.

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