How Real Allyship Makes a Difference

Welcome to the 69th episode of the Diverse Minds Podcast, and on today’s episode, I talk about how authentic and genuine race allyship can really make a difference in the workplace and why it’s needed. Listen to the episode If you enjoyed this episode, then consider subscribing on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you access your podcasts from. In today’s show, I talk about: Why we need to talk about authentic and genuine race allyship. [00:54] About Lloyds Bank ethnicity…

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Racism and Genuine Allyship with Leyla Okhai

Racism and Genuine Allyship

Racism and Genuine Allyship On today’s episode of the Diverse Minds podcast, I’m going to be talking about racism and genuine allyship. This week’s episode was meant to be about my new online course the Mentally Healthy Professional, however, with what’s been happening this week and quite frankly for the past 400+ years, I felt the need to speak about my own experience of racism. Including the faces of racism and why we all need to and can take action…

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