Passion, Patience and Persistence

Finding Passion, Patience and Persistence

How Passion, Patience and Persistence helped me On today’s episode, I’m going to be talking about passion, patience and persistence. In essence to reflect on the last four months and what I have learned about myself and my business.   I decided to make an episode about this because we have all faced challenges during this pandemic. My thoughts are, hearing others’ perspectives can truly help us understand that we are not alone. In addition, we don’t have to be happy…

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Why you need a coach with Leyla Okhai

Why you need a coach (and don’t wait until January)

On this episode of the Diverse Minds Podcast, I talk about coaching and what it is, how it can benefit you and why you need a coach. I outline how a coach can help you to realise and achieve your goals as an individual or as part of a team.  Why you need a Coach  Coaching is a productive conversation between a coach and “coachee” (the person being coached), and the process of coaching enables the “coachee” to fully develop…

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Inclusive Leadership is a journey not a final destination

This week I presented at the TetraMap® UK Development Day on inclusive leadership. The presentation followed-on from a paper I co-authored with Anne Clews, Head of Performance Learning at Curium Solutions, entitled Empowering Inclusive Leaders for a Diverse World. In the last five years there has been significant discussion on the topic of Inclusive Leadership. Bothwick and Sweeney’s book Inclusive Leadership published October 2016 followed by Frost and Alidina’s book published this month entitled Building an Inclusive Organisation  shows the…

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