Inclusive Language

Why bother with inclusive language

Why bother with Inclusive Language?

On today’s episode, I’m talking about inclusive language. Why bother with inclusive language, why it is so important and why language matters so much. I decided to talk about this because inclusive language seems to be a hot topic. One that many organisations, prior to lock down, were asking me to deliver workshops on. In fact, during this period of social and physical distancing, I’ve heard unhelpful expressions around inclusive language.  Listen to podcast If you enjoyed this episode, then…

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Inclusive Language creates belonging

7 ways Inclusive Language creates belonging at work

The hot topic of Inclusive Language Recently inclusive language seems to be a hot topic and one that many organisations are asking me to deliver workshops in this area. Particularly for senior leadership teams.  Why is this so important and why does language matter so much?  Creating a culture of inclusion etiquette Inclusion etiquette refers to respectful communication and interaction with people who may not have the same characteristics as someone else.  The principles of inclusion etiquette rely on common…

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