Disability History Month

Disability History Month: The Disability Movement

As part of Disability History Month, I’m delighted to have Steph Cutler on this week’s episode of the Diverse Minds podcast.  I met Steph when I was working at Imperial College London, and she did some work for me through her organisation – Making Lemonade.  About my guest Steph is the Founder of Making Lemonade, an organisation she set up over 12 years ago after acquiring unexpected sight loss and started experiencing barriers that disabled people face in society –…

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Inclusive Leadership is a journey not a final destination

This week I presented at the TetraMap® UK Development Day on inclusive leadership. The presentation followed-on from a paper I co-authored with Anne Clews, Head of Performance Learning at Curium Solutions, entitled Empowering Inclusive Leaders for a Diverse World. In the last five years there has been significant discussion on the topic of Inclusive Leadership. Bothwick and Sweeney’s book Inclusive Leadership published October 2016 followed by Frost and Alidina’s book published this month entitled Building an Inclusive Organisation  shows the…

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Chair with a thinking outside the box lightbox.

Five quick ways to bring innovation into your workplace

Celebrating the NHS Last week saw the 70th anniversary of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). The ground-breaking, innovative creation of a state-funded health care for all UK citizens. Sadly, at the moment the NHS is in a precarious state. I was listening to stories on the radio about the first nurses to work in the NHS in 1948, how innovative it was and the sheer amount of love the UK has for the NHS. The staff that have saved…

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The Rewards of Volunteering

Last week was  Volunteering Week, which takes place annually in the UK from 1-7 June. It is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of volunteering as well as recognise the contribution that volunteers make to society. This year’s theme has been “Volunteering for all” people from all walks of life getting involved in all types of volunteering. The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) defines volunteering as any activity that involves spending time, unpaid, doing something that aims to benefit the environment…

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How to build trust in your organisation

Do this one thing to build trust in your organisation

What is the one thing to build trust?  The one thing you can do to build trust in your organisation is to say sorry. Yes, that’s right make a genuine apology, state what you are going to to about it and act in a timely fashion. This builds trust as it demonstrates organisations are human, vulnerable and open to admitting that things aren’t perfect. Showing staff that you value them by listening and aiming to do things right. It shows…

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