Happy First Birthday Diverse Minds Podcast

#53 Happy 1st Birthday Diverse Minds Podcast

Today’s episode of the Diverse Minds Podcast is all about celebrating a very happy 1st birthday, a 52 full episodes of the show!  For the first birthday, I share with you the five key things that I have learned over the 52 episodes of the podcast.   Listen to the episode In today’s show, I talk about: Why it took me so long to start a podcast! [1:27] How to find your voice. [02:12] The way in which statistics can help…

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Why I started Diverse Minds and my journey

I’m really excited to introduce the first episode of my podcast, and I thought I’d use the opportunity to talk about why I started my company, Diverse Minds.  I have to say, I never thought I’d be running my own business. It wasn’t something I wanted to do. Some people are born entrepreneurs and they know it from day one. As teenagers, they do young enterprise programs and know or have an idea of what they want to do. I…

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