How Hate Crime Negatively Impacts Mental Health

On today’s episode of the Diverse Minds Podcast, I am going to be talking about how hate crime negatively impacts mental health.  I decided to talk about this topic as the 10th to the 17th of October 2020 is Hate Crime Awareness Week, which also overlaps with the World Mental Health Day on the 10th of October.  I feel it’s important to talk about both of these topics. Especially as it’s Black History Month, the topic of race hate crime…

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Coronavirus and Humanitarian Perspectives Asil Sidahmed

Coronavirus and Humanitarian perspectives

Coronavirus and Humanitarian perspectives  On today’s episode, I talk about public health and COVID-19. With a focus on race, white privilege, public health and intersectionality. To discuss these points and her journey, I am joined by Asil Sidahmed.  If you enjoyed this episode, then consider subscribing on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you access your podcasts from.   About My Guest Asil Sidahmed is an advocacy practitioner with over a decades’ experience in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe in humanitarianism. With all her experience, this…

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