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Leyla Okhai Assertiveness and Self-Care

#57 Assertiveness and Self-Care

On today’s episode of the Diverse Minds Podcast, as part of my trilogy for Self-Care September, I talk about assertiveness and setting boundaries. I outline how assertiveness can help you on your self-care journey, in terms of your mental, physical and social well-being,  I decided to make an episode on this topic as setting boundaries often stops us from looking after ourselves.  Listen to the podcast   In today’s show, I talk about: How some cultures encourage us to put…

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Shaping your self-care routine

#55 Shaping Your Self Care Routine

Shaping your Self Care Routine On today’s episode, as part of Self-Care September, I talk about creating, adapting and having a routine to support your self-care.  The term self-care often has a bad reputation or a response that invokes a big sigh!  What I mean by self-care is taking practical action to look after your physical, mental and social wellbeing, and doing this regularly helps us during times of stress and builds resilience.    Listen to the episode In today’s show,…

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Lone working and mental health during COVID-19

Managing Lone Working and Mental Health during COVID-19

On today’s episode, I talk about managing lone working and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. I outline how lone and remote working can impact positively and negatively on our mental health and wellbeing  If you enjoyed this episode, then consider subscribing on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you access your podcasts from.   I decided to talk about this today because I don’t think we can escape the fact that many of us are working from home whether that’s…

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Looking beyond New Year's Resolutions

Looking Beyond New Year’s Resolution

On this episode of the Diverse Minds Podcast, I talk about how to look beyond fleeting New Year’s resolutions and think about mental wellbeing 365, or 366 days of the year. We hear it every year, don’t we? Setting intentions and then giving up on New Year’s resolutions.    Looking Beyond New Year’s  Resolutions The second Friday in January is apparently when most people quit or “fail” their New Year’s resolutions in some way. It can be down to the…

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Woman on window set writing- 6 self-care tips for freelance writers

6 Self-Care Tips for Freelance Writers

This month’s guest blog is written by Johanna Cider, a freelance writer from New Zealand. I am delighted to share her specific self-care tips on the Diverse Minds website. Why writers need to consider self-care Many people try freelancing for a better quality of life. Work for yourself, cut out the commute and spend more time doing things you love.  However, in times of stress and high workloads, self-care is often overlooked. Implement certain techniques to help you take care…

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