An Asian woman with a yellow top smiling with her chin resting on her hands.

How To Promote Your Loved One’s Independence

Why you need to promote your loved one’s independence As we approach a possible second wave of COVID, elderly people across the UK are becoming more at risk of damaging their mental health through isolation and the constant bombardment of worrying news. As Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge from WHO states: “I am reminding governments and authorities that all communities must be supported to deliver interventions to ensure older people have what they need. All older people should be treated…

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Hope Virgo for Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Eating Disorders Awareness Week

This week on the Diverse Minds podcast is all about Eating Disorders Awareness Week, and I’m delighted to be joined by Hope Virgo. If you enjoyed this episode, then consider subscribing on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you access your podcasts from.  There are two weeks allocated to raising awareness about eating disorders. Firstly, the National Eating Disorders Association’s week running from the 24 Feb to the 1 March. The second one run by Beat Eating disorders from 2 to…

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What if I say the Wrong Thing? Woman on a train station platform looking into the distance.

What if I say the Wrong Thing?

The Big Listen  It was Samaritans Day on 24 July entitled The Big Listen. A 24-hour fundraising campaign to enable the charity continue their crucial work and raise awareness of the importance of listening and lending an ear to others. I saw volunteers at various train stations handing out copies of their SHUSH listening tips and sharing the photos on social media to raise awareness. This helps people feel more secure in the knowledge they are not saying the wrong…

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