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Working at Home Life Balance

Your Working at Home Life Balance

On today’s episode, I talk about your working at home-life balance and looking after your wellbeing during this time of uncertainty.  Needless to say, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for all of us. One of the key things about this time is that there’s been little to no adjustment period.  One day we were in a physical workspace or most of us were, and overnight, around 80% of us were told to work at home, or we…

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Three people sitting at a table to illustrate work-life balance

How to be a Mentally Healthy Leader

Mentally Healthy Leaders This year I launched my e-book The Mentally Healthy Leading Manager, which details how to manage yourself and your team in a mentally healthy way. The aim of the e-book is to: qualify what positive leading management is; highlight how to create a workplace environment to openly discuss mental health and mental-ill health and; help you look after your own wellbeing as a manager. I decided to create this resource in response to questions I have been asked…

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