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Isabella Grable, Head of HR, Lightful

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The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training helped our team to reach together a level of knowledge and talk about this important topic in a safe environment. It is so important that teams get time to explore their language and behaviour…

Kat McCarthy, Senior People Change Executive at Far Fetch

Katrina McCarthy

This session was so insightful and interactive. Especially compared to other foundational Mental Health Training that I’ve been on. We had the opportunity for great discussions without feeling rushed or forced. It felt a lot more informative and relatable to…

Cara Perry, CEO, Leicester Rape Crisis

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I found that the Inclusive Practice training gave me the confidence to understand issues around inclusion. It helped broaden my knowledge of barriers that people face, whilst giving me the space to explore my own unconscious bias in relation to…

Melissa Hardy, People Advisor, ASOS Customer Care

Melissa Hardy from ASOS
Leyla was an excellent facilitator for the courses she has run at ASOS. She clearly has in depth knowledge of mental health and is very passionate about the topic. During the sessions she really encouraged everyone to open up about their experiences, whilst remaining considerate of the sensitivity of the issues discussed. Everyone came away feeling energised and equipped to have conversations around mental health. We’ve received really positive feedback from all participants and are so thankful to Leyla for sharing her knowledge to enable us to better support mental health in the workplace. Continue Reading Melissa Hardy, People Advisor, ASOS Customer Care