The Power of Journaling

In this week's podcast, Leyla speaks to Greta Solomon about the power of journaling and the ways in which it supports your wellbeing. Continue Reading The Power of Journaling

Welcome to the 212th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. This month, we are focusing on writing wellbeing and mental health. In this first episode of the series episode 210, I outlined the research evidence on writing and wellbeing, as well as all the types of writing that can support wellbeing. Today, we are focusing on the power of journaling, and joining me in talking about this is Greta Solomon.

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About my guest

Greta Solomon is a journalist and author specialising in mental health, emotional well-being, and the transformative power of journaling. She is also a highly experienced writing teacher and soft skills coach, with 14 years of experience coaching individuals, and delivering workshops for companies, organisations, and universities.

She trained as an ICF-accredited coach in 2007, and a lifelong learning teacher in 2008, and her clients include Zalando and Wallenius Wilhelmsen.

Greta began her journalism career in 2000, following a degree in psychology. She held deputy editor and features writer positions at Executive Woman and Woman, before going freelance in 2002.

Her bylines include Red, Stylist, Forbes, HuffPost, and Psychologies. From 2009-2010, she worked as a journalist and PR at a top 150 consultancy, SE10. Greta is a published poet and songwriter, and the author of Just Write It! (McGraw-Hill, 2013) and the award-nominated Heart, Sass; Soul: Journal Your Way to Inspiration and Happiness (Mango, 2019).

Her journal healing course Heal The Shame That Sabotages Self-Expression is enrolling now.

In today’s show on The Power of Journaling

  • About Greta and what she’s currently working on. [03:03]
  • How she became a journal healer. [04:06]
  • What the term wellbeing means to her. [06:50]
  • What people can do to incorporate writing into their lifestyles. [15:26]
  • Her top three mental health tips. [17:59]

Quotes on The Power of Journaling

  • There’s so much that you can do for yourself, once you know how.
  • Wellbeing is this intangible feeling of feeling good.
  • Writing for wellbeing is not about sitting on your desk. It’s about moving and getting out there.
  • People have very deep-seated beliefs that stop them from putting pen to paper.
  • I encourage people to walk and write.

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