Introducing Joseph Ogbonna

I am delighted to welcome and introduce our eighth Diverse Minds’ associate, Joseph Ogbonna. An insightful and expert coach who roots his practice in culture and positive hertitage stories.

Joseph Ogbonna
Joseph Ogbonna

About Joseph

Joseph Ogbonna FRSA, is the Director of Ruuvand. He brings a substantial track record in coaching, advising and training executives, entrepreneurs, senior managers, consultancy and mentoring. Joseph understands behaviours, customer service, strategy and scenario planning. As a strategist, he helps business owners, managers and individuals who want to be their best. They make better decisions which they actually follow through, devising strategies to improve results.

Joseph also consults on Strategy at Middlesex Business School.  He is as an experienced non-executive director with British Acupuncture Council BAcC, previously with Rich Mix, a thriving social business for arts and culture in East end of London. His first non-executive role was with Penrose where he also served as Chair. Joseph works successfully across levels of organisations.

Joseph Ogbonna brings empathy, humour and considerable business & life experience to his work, empowering clients to take control and make positive changes. His dedication to wholesomeness is expressed in incorporating breathing, mindfulness, martial arts and running into his work.

Areas of Joseph’s expertise

Leadership coaching and strategy.

What’s one fact about yourself you would like to share?

I treasure wisdom and learning about others.

What inspired you to join Diverse Minds as an Associate in 2021?

I have a habit of reframing the world around me to gain a different perspective on it.  Leyla and I made connection when we met at and event where I shared a perspective about the role of history in shaping identity and identity shaping self-esteem.  It helps me to encourage mindset change and support people to draw on, not ignore their inner wisdom.  I look forward to bringing this into the very important work Leyla does in the mental health space.

What is the one book that has greatly impacted what you do and why?

If you don’t mind, I prefer to respond to “who I am” “They Came before Columbus” by Ivan van Sertima. It spoke to a knowledge sitting deep  within me that the history we learn is a small portion of what happened in the past.  I have since become curious about what our current existence could learn from a fuller history of ancient Africa and other ancient people.

How has not getting what you want immediately helped you to reach your career goals?

It has taught me patience and an openness to explore alternative doors that open, whilst checking alignment with my values and desired destination.

What are your top three tips for looking after your mental health and wellbeing?

1. Start the day with gratitude.

2. Don’t make assumptions.

3. Be kind to yourself as you are to others.

We are truly delighted to have Joseph as part of the Diverse Minds Team and we look forward to you meeting him and the rest of the wider team. You can find more information about Diverse Minds Associates here.

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