Introducing Oris Ikomi

I am delighted to welcome and introduce our sixth Diverse Minds’ associate Oris Ikomi. Oris was on the Diverse Minds Podcast, so do check out his episode for Men’s Health Week.

Oris Ikomi

About Oris

Oris is a Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion consultant bridging the gap between organisations and talents from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds. He has worked with leading brands in the private, public, third sector, and UK universities to engage and attract talents from Black, Asian, and Minority ethnic groups, and helps organisations develop DE&I strategies that are sustainable and fit for purpose. 

His interest in DE&I stems from both his professional and lived experience having relocated to the UK as a teenager from Nigeria. When he is not working, Oris spends his past time reading books about psychology, the mind, and metaphysics.

Areas of Oris’ expertise

Attracting early-stage talent from Black and Asian backgrounds, Talent Engagement and D&I stakeholder engagement.

What’s one fact about yourself you would like to share?

I was born in Nigeria and moved over to the UK in my late teens and have eight siblings.

What inspired you to join Diverse Minds as an Associate in 2021?

It’s provided me with an opportunity to be a part of a network and work collaboratively to transform the conversation about equality, diversity and inclusion across a number of sectors.

What is the one book that has greatly impacted what you do and why?

One book that has greatly impacted my life, but not so much what, I do is Mirror Work by Louise Hay. This is the book that helped transform my negative self talk and how I used to see myself. It helped boost my self esteem and confidence.

What are your top three tips for looking after your mental health and wellbeing?

  1. Read Psychology Today! I say that as they have a lot of resources and articles about the mind and psychology.
  1. Exercise and moving your body from running, going to the gym and walking.
  1. Dedicate the first few hours of the day to yourself before engaging with others. Especially, when we are working virtually and online. Those hours are golden and will enable you to set the tone for yourself.

We are truly delighted to have Oris as part of the Diverse Minds Team and we look forward to you meeting her and the rest of the wider team. You can find more information about Diverse Minds Associates here.

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