#56 Creating Safe Cultural Spaces with Rupinder Kaur

Welcome to the 56th episode of the DM podcast, and as part of Self-Care September, I’m going to be talking about creating safe spaces for specific cultural groups. 

I am delighted to be joined by Rupinder Kaur, Founder and CEO of AWMB and the Inspire Monthly Club.  

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About my guest

Rupinder Kaur is the award-winning founder of Asian Women MEAN Business. She defines herself as a British Asian woman who has experienced and excelled in corporate and entrepreneurial environments.  Rupinder has always been fascinated about the power of our human mind, motivations, beliefs and thoughts that drive our actions and behaviours. 

She is passionate about helping Asian women unlock their silent strength to empower them to reach their full potential.  Rupinder helps shift our limiting beliefs and low confidence to professional and personal joy. She does this by providing the framework, resources and support needed to build balance and structure, within a vibrant sisterhood. 

With her unique experience in the world of human resources, psychology, coaching and mentoring she utilises all her knowledge and tools to ensure women are given the support they need to lead a life they are proud of and that reflects their values and dreams. 

She is a mother to Daya and Sahib and understands the challenges that working mothers face, and also how becoming a mother can change your identity as a woman. That includes your life aspirations and trying to understand who you really are. Rupinder was invited and accepted into the Forbes Coaches Council in January 2020. She is the only Asian woman from the UK on this prestigious council.

In today’s show, we talk about:

  • Why Rupinder set up Asian Women Mean Business. [02:43]
  • What made her take the plunge from ​working in HR​ to ​running a nourishing membership for South Asian women and being a coach​ full-time [06:17]  
  • How her culture and spirituality​ influence her business and the way she does things. [09:47]
  • Her advice for other​ South ​Asia​n​ women who want to follow their hearts and go for it. [18:51]
  • How Rupinder looks after her mental health [29:54]
  • About the Inspire Monthly Club and when the doors are opening again. [23:42]


  • The Inspire Monthly Club is a community of like-minded women exploring some of the bigger questions around life, career and business. It’s for South Asian women who want to have guidance, coaching and expertise in a super safe environment.
  • If you are seeking a journey of growth and expansion, whether that’s personal, career or entrepreneurial, it’s inevitable you are going to outgrow certain people or groups and that’s ok.
  • If you feel confused or stuck, the first thing to do is to sit with these feeling to understand what’s coming up for you.
  • As South Asian women we tend to downplay our successes, our strengths because it’s not seen. It’s considered to be uncouth to be boasting or have pride in your achievements in our culture. 
  • When we come together as women, we can make it so much easier for ourselves, for each other, for the generation that has come before us and the generation that will be coming after us.


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