Dyslexia Champions™ Programme

One of the greatest pleasures of my career has been working with Janette Beetham of Right Resources Ltd over the last five years to develop a process of support of dyslexic staff and managers at Imperial College London.

The experience behind the Dyslexia Champions™ Programme

The process we developed and implemented was a collaborative one with dyslexic staff at the heart of the process. The emphasis is on ensuring the staff members feel empowered and the line manager knows how to support them from start to finish. Over the last five years I have seen over 60 staff members access screenings, work place needs assessments and workplace strategy coaching, which has enabled them to move forward in their careers.

So, after this, where next?

What are there any other ways to add value aside from one-to-one support? We have evidence the process works. From the paper that Janette and I published. So, does any organisation really require or need more? Well, I would say yes!

The next stage is to embed the concepts, understanding and thinking about neurodivergence conditions. As with all diversity and inclusion work, it must be mainstreamed through involved and engaged staff and not simply seen as a bolt-on or a nice-to-have. So, how can this be done in an effective and meaningful way?

Neurodivergence as a talent strategy

The passion and thirst for knowledge regarding neurodivergence (formerly know specific learning differences SpLDs) is palpable. Since 2014, I have seen a shift in UK workplaces from neurodivergence being seen as a secret. Seldom disclosed to being increasingly embraced as a part of talent management.

Don’t get me wrong, we as advocates and staff are still on a journey, but there has certainly been a sea change. Harnessing this interest from the wider organisation and focusing on knowledge transfer is how Dyslexia Champions was born™.

What is the Dyslexia Champions™ Programme

The Dyslexia Champions™ programme is a two-day course, with an OCN Level 2 certification endorsed by the British Dyslexia Association. Over two days delegates acquire knowledge of neurodivergent spectrum and co-existence and overlapping of conditions.

Champions appreciate the potential challenges faced by those who have little understanding of their own processing differences. In addition to no appropriate, tailored strategies or tools in place. During the programme delegates have an opportunity to deepen their active listening skills and gain an understanding of the potential impact dyslexia and other neurodivergent conditions on wellbeing and mental health.

How does the Dyslexia Champions™ Programme really help?

The Dyslexia Champions™ contribute to dyslexia/neurodivergent friendly’ workplace culture by being guidance beacons for neuro-divergence.

Their role is to signpost, guide and advise any staff, managers and leaders about how to access further support. 

Their accredited status is acquired through the completion of a workbook assignment (accompanied by mentoring) and their CPD ensures they keep up to date and are able to continue to provide a quality service to those who approach them for guidance.

To find out more about the programme and the first cohort of delegates, videos are available to view: http://bit.ly/2tq2o7x and http://bit.ly/2upH4iH

The programme can be run in-house for a single organisation, or with multiple organisations. In addition. Learn more about the programme here.

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