Finding Balance in the Spring Equinox

Today, 20 March in the Northern Hemisphere, we have finally reached the Spring Equinox. Ostara, also known as the vernal equinox has traditionally been celebrated as a moment of balance, rebirth, and new possibilities. A point in the year when light time hours and darkness are as equal as astronomically possible on earth. Reminding us finding balance in the Spring Equinox is possible.

How does this relate to equity, equality, wellbeing and inclusion – you may be wondering? For me it’s about considering personal balance and creating balance. 

1. On a personal level how do we think about balance in our lives in all senses?

  • Time spent working vs leisure time 
  • Time indoors vs outdoors 
  • Talking vs listening

Keep adding and creating your own list to consider what you would like to find balance with. To help you, I have created a Tea Cup Energy Drainers exercise which you can access in my online course, the Mentally Healthy Professional.

2. Finding balance in our worlds

Interestingly, if you type balance and equity into a search engine the results are all related to Forex trading! Clearly, that is not what I want to talk about here. Aiming to create environments that are more equitable for people entails understanding systemic disadvantages individuals and groups face.

Therefore, allocating resources and opportunities, in a way that historically has been overlooked, is needed to reach a more equitable outcome. In essence by planning and executing in this way we ultimately create more balance, even if it may not appear to be the case to some in the first instance.

In the last 18 months, too often I have encountered push back when having such discussions, whether it be gender neutral toilets and safe spaces to whose culture is more valued. 

What will you do to create balance for your wellbeing, but also tip the status quo to enable systems to shift? 

We can all learn more about finding balance in the Spring Equinox.

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