Introducing Soma Ghosh

I am delighted to welcome and introduce our fifth Diverse Minds’ associate Soma Ghosh. Soma was one of the first guests on the Diverse Minds Podcast, so do check out her episode entitled Career Happiness and Mental Health.

About Soma

Soma is a careers adviser who has previously worked in education helping young people with
career advice and job hunting. She has a PGdip in Careers guidance and a Psychology and
Criminology degree. She runs her own career mentoring business where she helps ambitious women find their dream job and career and understand what their idea of career happiness is.
Soma has written for Thrive Global and Happiful magazine. As well as hosting own podcast “The
Career Happiness Podcast
” since 2019.

Soma has been been featured in BBC work life, Yahoo Finance, Stylist magazine , All Bright collective, Asian voice, Metro and most recently spoke about peer pressure in linking with careers on BBC Asian network. Soma talks about women who are going through anxiety at work, workplace bullying, confidence, and the importance of wellbeing at work.

Areas of Soma’s expertise

Career Advice, confidence at work, wellbeing at work, grief,workplace bullying. In addition to  mental health awareness around anxiety and reactive depression. finally, as above looking for a new job, career change etc.

What’s one fact about yourself you would like to share?

I am a bit of a movie buff and watch all types of different movies and am a bit of movie enthusiast. I know way too many random facts about them – LOL!

What inspired you to join Diverse Minds as an Associate in 2021?

I really love the work Leyla Okhai is doing. She is a inspiring women and I definitely feel she supports so many people. (Thanks Soma, we didn’t pay her, promise!)

I met Leyla in 2018 and remember feeling I had met someone who was also doing business to support others to feel happier at work. This is why I interviewed her on my podcast, Episode 10 How to talk about Mental Health in the Workplace, as I really admired the work she was doing.

Plus, Leyla is so approachable and sincere, something which I do sometimes see in people, but not as often as I would like to. Leyla has so much knowledge. Supporting her in her mission feels like a blessing because the more of us that are supporting her to raise awareness around mental health and racism the more equipped organisations and workplaces will be.

I also want to learn and grow from other Diverse Minds Associates as well as Leyla. We have such an array of talented Associates coming together to help Diverse Minds reach more people. So, I saw this as a fab opportunity for me to learn too.

What is the one book that has greatly impacted what you do and why?

I have read so many great books so this a hard one for me to answer! I think 3 books have really helped me.

1.The Monk who Sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma. This book helped me really look at my inner purpose and why I wanted to work for myself.

2. Thrive by Arianna Huffington is a really great book. It looks at emotional wellbeing and why we need to look after ourselves. It helped me address my relationship to wellbeing and work more.

3. The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks which helps you hone in on what you are good. It enables you to think about how you can start being your “zone of genius” more. This book supported me to talk more about career happiness and why it’s so important in relation to wellbeing at work.

How has not getting what you want immediately helped you to reach your career goals?

This is a really interesting one for me because it’s kept me more determined and focused on achieving my goals. I think that’s the stubborn side of me! When something hasn’t gone according to plan it’s normally because it wasn’t meant to straight away, and that’s ok. Or sometimes because I was putting way to much pressure on myself.

It’s also helped me stay focussed because we all fail in life from time-to-time and that’s part of the process. However, I do feel if something isn’t happening don’t completely walk away. Keep going and having patience and determination can really pay off you don’t give up. If you put in the time and effort when you do get there it feels even more worthwhile.

What are your top three tips for looking after your mental health and wellbeing?

  1. Finding something that you feel supports your mental health and wellbeing. There is so much information about yoga, meditation, exercise, diets etc. This is all great but not everything will resonate with everyone. So, find one thing you feel connected with and stick with that.
  2. Use your phone less at the weekend so you can spend time with family and friends. Read a book, cook or go for walk. This will help you switch off and be tempted to do work over the weekend or be sucked into a social media vortex.
  3. Plan and book in time to spend with your friends you haven’t seen in a while. If you are super busy this gives you something to look forward to. I can guarantee you will feel better for spending time with someone you care about.

We are truly delighted to have Soma as part of the Diverse Minds Team and we look forward to you meeting her and the rest of the wider team. You can find more information about Diverse Minds Associates here.

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