Career Happiness and Mental Health With Soma Ghosh

This week on the Diverse Minds podcast, I talk to the amazing Soma Ghosh, the founder of The Career Happiness Mentor.

This episode comes after Anti-Bullying Week, and with “Change Starts with Us” being the theme, we’re going to be looking at moving towards your career dream. 

I was honoured to be a guest on Soma’s podcast, called The Career Happiness Podcast earlier this year, talking about bullying, neuro-divergence and productive workplaces, and from that moment, I knew that I wanted her as a guest on my show, as soon as my podcast was up and running.  

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About my guest

Soma previously worked in education helping young people with career advice and job hunting. She is a qualified careers adviser with a PGdip in Careers guidance and a Psychology and Criminology degree.  

Soma now runs her own career mentoring business where she helps ambitious women find their dream job and career and helps them understand what their idea of career happiness is. Soma features in Happiful magazine and has written for Thrive Global. 

In today’s show, we talk about:

  • About the Career Happiness Mentor and the work that she does. [01:52]
  • Why she started the Career Happiness Mentor. [04:13]
  • Soma’s advice for people who are being bullied at work [09:41]
  • How Soma supports people that come to her for career advice. [16:34]
  • The way Soma helps people transition into their dream job [23:20]
  • Soma’s top tips for looking after her mental health. [35:01]

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  • With my clients, if I don’t look at their emotions, I don’t know them. Not only that, it’s very important for me to not only know who they are to help them move forward, but to work with them in a deeper way. 
  • Bullying is not just an issue for women at work, it’s an issue for men at work as well.
  • If you think you’re being bullied, whether you think it’s the tiniest thing to an aggressive email to an abrupt phone call, whatever it is, keep an account of every single thing in a diary. 
  • I just think it’s so important to talk to somebody about the bullying. 
  • I do still think that you should still go to your HR and actually discuss it with them and see how they can help.

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