Using data to inform BHM with Mac Alonge

As part of the Diverse Minds Black History Month special, I am delighted to have Mac Alonge on this week’s episode to tell us how to use data to inform your Black History Month events.  

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About my guest

Mac is the Founder and CEO of data-driven, equality, diversity and inclusion tech company, The Equal Group.  The Equal Group are focused on providing forward-thinking organisations with the tools and support that they need to optimise their equality, diversity and inclusion efforts. 

Mac worked in the energy and utility industries for 10 years as a regulatory consultant. As a result of his previous work, Mac has now worked with and for some of the world’s largest private and public sector organisations. Including the likes of KPMG, National Grid, Scottish Power, Capita and the Scottish and UK governments. 

Throughout his career, Mac has observed that there are numerous barriers within the workplace that prevent organisations from truly reaping the benefits that come from embracing greater levels of equality, diversity, and inclusion. 

Mac’s mission is to ensure that the current generation leaves a legacy whereby equality and inclusion are the new ‘norm’ and individual differences are respected and valued. Mac was recently shortlisted for both NatWest’s Midlands Entrepreneur for Good and GBCC’s Future Face of Entrepreneurship awards.

In today’s show, we talk about

  • About Equal Group and what they do. [01:55]
  • Why Mac Alonge started Equal Group [03:23]
  • What have been his key career learning points as a Black leader. [07:46]
  • How using data to inform your BHM is a game changer [12:42]
  • Mac’s top 3 tips for employers looking to host events for BHM [18:49]
  • The most innovative thing Mac has done during BHM. [21:28]

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The Equal Group website, LinkedIn and Twitter


  • Often organisations focus on diversity and forget the inclusion.
  • It’s about using Black History Month to engage in difficult conversations.
  • Empower Black employees to put on events that are authentic and speak to their needs within the organisation.
  • Put your money where your mouth is.
  • Make sure everybody in the organisation feels part of BHM.

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