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In this week's podcast Leyla speaks to playwright Erinn Dhesi about arts in practice and her journey to working in theatre. Continue Reading Arts in Practice

Welcome to the 155th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. As you know this month’s focus is all about the arts and mental health. So this week, we are delving deeper into the power of arts in practice, to join me in doing this is playwright Erinn Dhesi.

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About my guest

Erinn Dhesi is a playwright, performer and social media freelancer based in the West Midlands. Her work often focuses on topics such as social media, LGBTQ+ life and British Asian life, sometimes all at once, sometimes on their own.

She is currently an Associate Artist at Chronic Insanity Theatre.  Recently she wrote ʻQueensʼ an audio play with Tamasha Theatre and Holy Mountain Productions which delves in the colonial history of Royal Leamington Spa from the perspective of its British Asian diaspora.

Within the last year, she has been part of the BBC Coventry Voices Writersoom. She was commissioned by The Young Vic for their 5 Plays with ʻRun to The Moonʼ. Her monologue ʻChangeʼ premiered at Tara Theatre as part of their new ʻ2020: Collection 1ʼ season.

Errin’s award-winning one-woman show ʻWigs Snatched, Perceptions Destroyed’ about the effects of online influencer culture premiered at Vault Festival 2020, earning 4 Star reviews (A Younger Theatre & Her short plays Sesh (2019) and The Walk (2019) premiered at the Curve Theatre and her first full-length play ʻ#Adjustmentʼ received a rehearsed reading at the Belgrade Theatre (2017).

In today’s show on Arts in Practice

  • About Erinn and the work she does. [02:24]
  • Her journey into screenwriting and playwrighting. [08:08]
  • What the term mental health means to her. [19:08]
  • The biggest challenges for South Asian people working in the field of writing. [21:19]
  • Her top 3 tips for looking after her mental health. [33:32]

Quotes on Arts in Practice

  • I have always been naturally creative and curious about the world.
  • I think a lot of my mental health experience has been coloured through me having ADHD and dyslexia.
  • A lot of workplaces really need to step up on being able to accommodate burnout in a way that’s useful, and doesn’t alienate somebody,
  • One of the things that has really helped me is exercising.
  • I had a personal trainer, as I knew I needed a body double and a motivator. Someone who could organise things for me when it came to working out!

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