Black Leadership

In this week's episode Leyla speaks to Busayo Abidakun about his organisation Black Impact and Black Leadership. Continue Reading Black Leadership

Welcome to the 152nd episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast.
Today we’re wrapping up the lived experience series, and I’m really delighted to be joined by Busayo Abidakun to talk about Impact Black and Black leadership.

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About my guest

Busayo is a certified coach, trainer and founder of Impact Black a social enterprise aimed at mobilising people’s skills and talent to help end racial injustice.

He spent the early years of his professional career working in the non-profit sector supporting organisations in replicating and scaling services to prevent youth offending, helping develop radical approaches to maintaining health and wellness before moving into graduate recruitment helping people identify their talents and building fulfilling careers.

Busayo is deeply passionate about bringing his multidisciplinary experiences to help shape and develop training programmes at Impact Black.

In today’s show on Black Leadership

  • About Busayo Abidakun and the work he does. [01:54]
  • Why he created Impact Black and how he did it. [02:59]
  • What the term leadership means to him. [09:06]
  • The barriers and challenges that are still there in the workplace for Black staff. [13:28]
  • His top 3 tips for looking after his mental health. [25:31]

Quotes on Black Leadership

  • In the UK, a lot of organisations are becoming more premium or open to having conversations about the challenges that Black staff have.
  • Visions of being able to help other people actually come from the sacrifices of people before me.
  • if people are not able to do their jobs effectively, because they’re thinking about how they need to be and or show up in general, that places a lot of pressure on them,
  • There are several threads that need to be unravelled, to create the kind of equality that is necessary to be able to facilitate the changes that are needed.

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