How culture and leadership combine

On today’s episode, I talk about culture and leadership.

I wanted to talk about culture and leadership as I’ve been delivering leadership programmes for Black/Global Majority/ Staff of Colour for several years. So, talking and thinking about culture is a key theme in these programmes. 

I also think the Coronavirus pandemic has shone a light on varying different styles of “leadership” based on cultural country frameworks. In many cases hasn’t worked well, or it’s been a game-changer and saved thousands of lives. So how do culture and leadership combine? 

In this episode, I talk about what culture is, the difference between culture and race, what you can do to reduce cultural or communication misunderstandings and more.

Listen to the episode

In today’s show on culture and leadership, I talk about:

  • The difference between culture and race.  [01:07]
  • A definition of culture. [01:47]
  • Both visible and non-visible facets of culture. [04:07]
  • Different types of cultures [05:06]
  • Defining what organisational culture is [05:15]
  • How culture feeds into leadership. [08:22] 
  • What cultural capital is. [09:03]
  • Ways to reduce cultural or communication misunderstandings [18:32]

Resources for culture and leadership


  • When I use the word culture, I’m not using it as a proxy for race.
  • Race is, in fact, about biased systems, hierarchy and privileges based on assumptions. 
  • Culture is a system of beliefs that links to identity, and that identity may or may not be linked to race for an individual, but often culture and race are interlinked.
  • Culture is not stagnant, it shifts and changes with time. 
  • We’re all leaders in our own right.

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