Defining Global Feminism

In this week's podcast Leyla speaks to Raakhi Shah CEO of The Circle NGO talks about defining Global Feminism and how we can all be change agents. Continue Reading Defining Global Feminism

Welcome to the 101st episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast.

We are in the midst of South Asian Heritage Month, so what better than to speak with a South Asian sister I admire. Someone I’m super proud to call her my friend. Today, we are talking about the topic of global women’s rights. I am joined by Raakhi Shah, CEO of The Circle NGO, a women’s rights organisation.

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About my guest Raakhi Shah

Raakhi Shah brings over 16 years of experience working in international development. Having previously led the Ambassador and Leadership functions at Oxfam and Unicef UK covering a breadth of fundraising, communications, advocacy, and campaigning initiatives.

Raakhi has worked with high-level supporters to lobby for change at the G8, G20, Downing Street and African Union. She has led over 30 field visits including to Bangladesh, Lebanon, Jordan, Philippines, Pakistan, India, Malawi and more, bringing the voices of those with lived experience to the forefront.

Raakhi is passionate about equal opportunities offered to young people from these backgrounds.

In today’s show about defining Global Feminism

  • About the Circle, it’s aims and positive impact around the world. [02:40]
  • How Raakhi became the CEO of an NGO. [04:02]
  • What she thinks are the biggest stereotypes that British South Asian women face in today’s world. [10:44]
  • What the term global feminism means to her [12:55]
  • Her top 3 tips for looking after her mental health. [19:17]

Quotes on defining Global Feminism

  • The Circle is a really wonderful, unique organisation supporting some of the world’s most vulnerable women and girls around the world.
  • If you go to see what’s happening on the ground, and the difference that support is making, it is extraordinary.
  • I think you just have to find extraordinary people to re-energise you and keep that energy and change going.
  • For me, global feminism is all about bringing together women and different forms of feminism under one umbrella.
  • I truly believe it’s so important to switch off completely at times.

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