Improving Gender Diversity in Finance

In this week's podcast I speak to Lynne Marlor about improving gender diversity in finance, including FinTech and what can be done to change the status quo. Continue Reading Improving Gender Diversity in Finance

Welcome to the 190th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. This month’s theme is Please Don’t- Workplace Mistakes! This week, we’re talking about improving gender diversity in finance with Lynne Marlor.

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About my guest

Lynne is a frequent global speaker, investor and thought leader in the blockchain, digital assets and NFT ecosystems. A traditional finance professional, Lynne embraced blockchain in 2018 by completing the Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program, Said Business School at Oxford University.

Lynne’s deep understanding and experience in traditional Capital Markets FX, Liquidity, Trading and Execution, Clearinghouses, Global Payments, Corporate Note programs and investment vehicles has given her insights into many channels.

She was most recently a Managing Director and Group Head of the Specialized Industry Segment within BNYMellon. Lynne was Senior Advisor to the EnterpriseWomen Program launched in 2019 at the Judge Business School, Cambridge University, UK. She is a Board member of Fintech Women, The Northshore YMC’A’s Corporate Board, the Boston Ballet and the Copernicus Institute.

Past President of the New England Association of Financial Professionals and a long-time Advisor to Knovva Academy. She is a non-Executive Director to Altemis Labs, UK and AlphaClinix a UK and Africa-based clinical trials startup. Lynne currently advises corporations and financial institutions on navigating the digital asset space. While most of her work is in the financial sector she just led the team that launched an NFT (non-fungible token) collectable for a major manufacturer.

In today’s show on Gender Diversity in Finance

  • About Lynne and what she’s currently working on. [03:03]
  • How she got into the world of finance. [05:08]
  • Why the financial sector is still behind when it comes to women. [09:58]
  • How women are creating their own digital assets and creating wealth. [15:40]
  • How poor finances impact on women’s mental wellbeing [20:00]
  • Her top three tips for looking after her mental health. [31:29]

Quotes on Gender Diversity in Finance

  • I always had an interest in finance, numbers and running a business, but I didn’t really want to run my own business!
  • Many people who have assets can’t get a bank account in the United States.
  • I’m fascinated by blockchain technology and think it has the opportunity to change the world in some very big ways.
  • There are systemic barriers that have to be taken down for women.
  • I don’t think women do a good job at networking in the financial world and supporting other women.

Resources on Gender Diversity in Finance

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