LGBTQI+ History Month

Celebrating LGBTQI+ History Month

In today’s episode of the Diverse Minds podcast, I talk about LGBTQI+ History Month, and I am delighted to be joined by the wonderful Michelle Codrington-Rogers. 

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About my guest

Michelle Codrington-Rogers is a teacher of citizenship at a large school in Oxford. 

As a first-generation, UK-born, Vincentian bred she is proud of her family and cultural heritage.  She is an active trade unionist and was the first full-time Black Students Officer for NUS.  

Currently, she is representing 3,000+ teachers across Oxfordshire for NASUWT – The Teachers Union. 

Michelle was elected as a national officer of NASUWT-The Teachers Union in 2017 and will become the first (known) Black President in April 2020.  She has a chapter published in Rhodes Must Fall: The struggle to decolonize the racist heart of empire (2018)

In today’s show, we talk about:

  • About Michelle Codrington-Rogers and her background [02:07]
  • What LGBTQI+ History Month means to Michelle. [08:51]
  • How she intends to celebrate LGBTQI+ History Month. [10:45]
  • What workplaces can do to celebrate LGBTQI+ History Month. [19:47]
  • Some events she’s looking forward to attending this month [24:15]

Connect with my guest:


  • It’s always been instilled in us, me and my sisters that if you see something unjust or
    unfair, then you speak up for it.
  • I’ve kind of fallen into activism.
  • I think it’s so important as human beings to connect with each other and
    understand the different journeys and experiences that we have.
  • We’re still having this struggle, why do we need to ask for permission to self-define and self-organise,
    and to be able to speak on our own behalf? 
  • I don’t need people to take away my voice just because they feel they can use it better.

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