Raising Anti-Racist Children

In this week's podcast Leyla speaks to the brilliant Professor Keon West about raising anti-racist children, having conversation with children about racism and his upcoming book. Continue Reading Raising Anti-Racist Children

Welcome to the 220th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. November is all about parenting with equity and wellbeing in mind. Today we are talking about raising anti-racist children specifically.

Our first guest for the series is the brilliant Prof Keon West! Someone I have known since working at Oxford, and someone I am very proud to know.

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This series on parenting was encouraged and supported by my friend and colleague Liz Price CEO of Full Frame Coach. Do check out her her great work here.

About my guest

Keon West is a Professor of Social Psychology who specialises in bias and bias reduction. A fundamentally international thinker, Keon was born in Trinidad, raised in Jamaica and educated at Macalester (in Minnesota, USA), the Sorbonne (in Paris, France) and Oxford (in Oxford, UK) under a Rhodes Scholarship.

He currently works at Goldsmiths, part of the University of London. He’s published over 75 empirical articles which have been cited over 2000 times in the wider academic literature.

He’s served on the governing board of multiple national and international psychological societies including the British Psychological Society and the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (in which he served as president from 2020 – 2021).  

A deep believer in the importance of good science communication, as well as good science, Professor West appears regularly on television and radio as an expert on prejudice and improving intergroup relations.

He’s also the author of 2 lay books – 1. Skewed: Decoding Media Bias published by Howes and currently available on audible and 2. The Science of Racism, published by MacMillan with an agreed release date in early 2025. He is and has always been Black.

In today’s show on Raising Anti-Racist Children

  • About Professor Keon West and what he’s working on at the moment. [02:10]
  • What the term anti-racist parenting means to him. [07:33]
  • The biggest challenge about having conversations about racism with children. [12:05] 
  • What workplaces can do to understand the needs of parents in this area. [23:15]
  • His top three mental health tips. [28:12]

Quotes on Raising Anti-Racist Children

  • I grew up as a Black person in a Black country.
  • I want people to start having new conversations about racism.
  • What really frustrates me is when people flatly claim that racism doesn’t occur.
  • I won’t be one of those people who say personal experiences trump science.
  • I don’t try to take on everything on my own, I don’t need to be at the frontline all the time.

Resources on Raising Anti-Racist Children

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