How staff networks can shape the culture

In today’s episode, I chat with Kate Nash about how staff networks can shape the culture and behaviour in organisations.

Staff employee networks/resource groups can have the power to shape and strengthen the culture and behaviours of their organisations. This is done by using the talent, ideas, enthusiasm and knowledge of staff.

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Shaping the Culture

Effective networks can help to create change in organisations, as well to support leaders and managers in implementing change.

Sometimes setting up a staff network can seem overwhelming. Where do you start, what may the barriers be and how do you maintain momentum? That’s why today’s show is all about setting up disabled staff networks. I am joined by a true expert in the field, Kate Nash OBE.   

About my guest

Kate is the world’s leading authority in ‘Networkology’ – the science behind the growth of workplace networks and resource groups. Most known for her work with disability networks, she set up an independent hub of best practice in the establishment of Disabled Employee Networks publishing the first best practice guide in 2009, with a Ministerial launch.

In 2007 Kate was awarded an OBE for services to disabled people. Followed by being appointed Ambassador to Disability Rights UK in 2013.

Launched in April 2014 her book ‘Secrets & Big News’ was published tackling the issue of ‘disclosure’ of disability and what employers can do to help people be themselves at work. 2,511 disabled employees from 55 employers took part in the research, sponsored by BT, Fujitsu, Metropolitan Police Service, Post Office and PWC.

Kate launched PurpleSpace in October 2015 as the world’s first professional development hub for disabled employee networks bringing together the 850,000 disabled employees from across employee networks. 

In today’s show, we talk about:

  • About her and her organisation, Purple Space. [02:38]
  • Why she chose the name Purple Space. [04:55]
  • Her personal take on the term disability confidence. [09:46]
  • What workplaces do to start the conversation about developing a disabled staff network. [18:06]
  • The barriers staff and managers may encounter when setting up and maintaining a disabled staff network [39:34]
  • Kate’s top 3 tips for maintaining a disabled staff network. [39:04]

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  • Always make sure that you don’t have a strategy that is too cumbersome, find a few points to focus and make it happen! 
  • Remember it’s a vehicle. it’s not a destination, it’s not a function, it’s a vehicle for developing change. 
  • Keep it fun, so it’s engaging. 
  • We as human beings have to navigate a whole raft of experiences and disability and mental health is just one of those. 
  • The challenge is often about time.

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