The Conscious Workplace

In this podcast episode Leyla speaks to culture consultant Shaara Roman about creating a conscious workplace and how you can do this. Continue Reading The Conscious Workplace

In this episode of the Diverse Minds podcast, I speak with Shaara Roman about how businesses should focus on creating a healthy workplace culture by aligning people, strategy, and culture to optimise organisational performance. In essence tapping into the conscious workplace.

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About my guest

Shaara Roman is the founder and CEO of The Silverene Group, a culture consulting firm that aligns people, strategy, and culture to optimise organisational performance.

As an award-winning entrepreneur, board member, speaker, author, and experienced chief human resources officer, Shaara and her team consult with leaders to create healthy workplaces by helping them build inclusive workplace cultures, design effective organisations, and align their company values and people programs to achieve business goals.

Prior to founding The Silverene Group in 2016, Shaara held leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies, including Fannie Mae and Visa, as well as CGI and the NRECA.

Born in India, schooled in Nigeria and England, and having lived in Greece before coming to the US, Shaara uses her global experience as the foundation for her distinctive expertise in crafting strategies to improve culture, workforce quality, and operations across a multitude of disciplines in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

She received an MBA from Georgetown University, where she is also an adjunct professor. Today, Shaara serves on several advisory and nonprofit boards.

In today’s show on The Conscious Workplace

  • About Shaara and what she’s working on at the moment [03:31]
  • What the conscious workplace really means and the why. [07:30]
  • How the conscious workplace culture improves mental wellbeing. [10:25]
  • The challenge of authenticity and vulnerability in the workplace. [14:04]
  • Barriers that workplaces face to make systemic shifts. [16:50]
  • Shaara’s top three mental health tips. [22:20]

Quotes on The Conscious Workplace

  • Quite frankly, I’ve always been a guest in someone else’s country.
  • If you can build human-centred organisations, where everybody can come and thrive, then you’re going to achieve your financial goals.
  • We have to shift how we think and how we approach our work.
  • The conscious workplace is really about recognising that people, purpose and profits don’t have to be mutually exclusive.
  • Everybody is contributing to the culture of the organisation, whether leaders realise this or not.

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