Cultural Perspectives on Imposter Syndrome

In this week's podcast Leyla speaks to Pinky Ghadiali about cultural perspectives on imposter syndrome and what workplaces can do to create equity. Continue Reading Cultural Perspectives on Imposter Syndrome

Welcome to the 205th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. It’s South Asian Heritage Month, and this year’s theme is all about celebrating the stories that make up our diverse and vibrant community. Today we are exploring cultural perspectives on imposter syndrome and what businesses can do to create true gender equity.

To join me today to discuss this further is Pinky Ghadiali.

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About my guest

Pinky is a multi-award winning transformational life and business coach working with career-driven professionals and entrepreneurs across the UK and globe. She is passionate about helping her clients become empowered to achieve personal and professional goals with purpose, drive, and vision.

Whether it’s asking for a promotion or chasing leads and closing business deals, believing in yourself is the first step towards creating a life you love. She will help you create your killer mindset that dismisses your inner critic and overcome imposter syndrome to put you on the right track for professional and personal success.

Pinky founded in February 2020, a global online community helping organisations increase their profitability and performance by elevating and retaining their female talent in tech.

Netwomen believes in bridging the gender gap to make a difference by retaining talented women and keeping female leaders at the top for a sustainable future. Our mission is 50/50 gender split and an equitable world.

The platform is online professional development and skill sharing, DEI & HR programs (CPD certified), Women in leadership, peak performance coaching, mastermind groups, and networking. Your membership and sponsorship will contribute to moving the needle on gender equality through equity.

In 2021, Pinky was a finalist for 3 awards: Leader of the year- Women’s business club UK, entrepreneur of the year- GIFEW global awards, and the Great British Entrepreneur Awards for entrepreneurial spirit. In 2022, she was featured in the Scottish Business Insider Magazine, Winner of Prestige Global women’s initiative awards, and 100 Women in Tech UK by Barclays Bank.

She is a finalist for Women’s business club and Excellence through Diversity Award for National Mentoring Matters awards 2023.

In today’s show on Cultural Perspectives on Imposter Syndrome

  • About Pinky, and what she’s working on at the moment [03:03]
  • Her career journey to becoming an imposter syndrome coach. [05:57]
  • What the term “imposter syndrome” means to her. [09:55]
  • The way imposter syndrome overlaps with culture. [13:33]
  • What workplaces can do to embed true gender equity. [22:03]
  • Her top three mental health tips. [26:25]

Quotes on Cultural Perspectives on Imposter Syndrome

  • You might be the most confident person in the world, but even still, there’s that little voice, that inner critic in your mind that tells you that you’re not good enough.
  • Change the thinking from I am the only one to I am the first.
  • I absolutely prioritise mental health because I’ve been so close to burnout several times.
  • When we get stressed out and we get anxious, we stop breathing, and your breathwork is extremely important.
  • We forget that the human nature of talking and speaking with people is vital for your own mental health.

Resources on Cultural Perspectives on Imposter Syndrome

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