Entrepreneurship with an AfroTouch with Georgina Fihosy

In this week's podcast I am joined by Georgina Fihosy to talk about Entrepreneurship with an AfroTouch, using culture to build your business. Continue Reading Entrepreneurship with an AfroTouch with Georgina Fihosy

Welcome to the 80th episode of the award-winning diverse minds podcast. This week is the second episode of our female entrepreneur showcase month, and today we’re going to be talking about entrepreneurship with an AfroTouch. To do this, Georgina Fihosy is joining me today.

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About My Guest Georgina

Georgina is a pharmacist and the creative behind AfroTouch Design, an Afrocentric brand producing diverse hand-finished greeting cards and stationery items based on African Print fabrics.

AfroTouch Design was founded four years ago whilst she was on maternity leave. With a baby on one side and a laptop on the other, she was unable to find a greetings card for a friend that represented African culture, disappointed and driven to fill that gap in the market, she used some fabric, a piece of card, and created her own, and AfroTouch Design was born.

Her products are now stocked in independent retail stores across the UK. More recently she became the first female Black-owned greeting card publisher to be stocked by Waterstones bookshop. She hopes to share her story with women juggling a career, growing a business whilst raising kids, and inspire them to follow their own passions. 

She is also offering all you wonderful listeners a discount code today DM10 for you as listeners to receive 10% off the product range. So kind! 

In today’s show, Entrepreneurship with an AfroTouch  

  • What made Georgina start AfroTouch designs. [02:13]
  • Why she became a clinical pharmacist. [08:34]
  • How she finds time to be a pharmacist and be an entrepreneur with an AftoTouch. [10:09]
  • What entrepreneurship means to her. [11:20]
  • Her top 3 tips for looking after her mental health [18:47]

Quotes on Entrepreneurship with an AfroTouch

  • I love working as a pharmacist within the pharmaceutical industry, but I love also building a brand, and because I’ve got a passion for both, I make it work.
  • Entrepreneurship is about having that ability to innovate and use those innovative ideas to make a difference in the community.
  • If you create an environment that allows people not to hide their passions and hide what they do, I think it can also be a positive for that organisation.
  • When you have a passion for something, and when you are ambitious, you kind of make it work.
  • I think it’s really important that organisations allow people to be their authentic selves at work.

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