Getting Workplace Adjustments Right

In this week's podcast I speak to Daniel Williams from Visualise Consultancy on getting workplace adjustments right for staff with visual and hearing impairments. Continue Reading Getting Workplace Adjustments Right

Welcome to the 192nd episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. To finish this series, today we are talking about getting workplace adjustments right. To join me in doing this is Daniel Williams.

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About my guest

At the age of eight, Daniel was diagnosed with a visual impairment called retinitis pigmentosa. During his teenage years in mainstream education, he was confronted by his friends being able to do things he would never be able to, and he struggled with mental health issues while he was grieving his sight loss.

His turning point was starting at a college for young people with visual impairments, where he became aware that his peers were meeting similar challenges head-on. Daniel was subsequently inspired to see others pursuing careers that he had thought were no longer

open to him.

He then attended university to study rehabilitation work for people with visual impairment which equipped him with the professional knowledge to help others in similar situations.

In 2014, he decided to share his lived experience and professional knowledge by setting up his own business, Visualise Training and Consultancy Ltd, which specialises in ensuring accessibility, inclusion and equality for employee who live with visual impairment and/or hearing loss.

With workplace assessments, reasonable adjustments and awareness training for colleagues, employers can support employees with sight and hearing loss to retain their jobs and develop their careers.

In today’s show on Getting Workplace Adjustments Right

  • About Daniel and what he’s working on at the moment [02:38]
  • Why working with workplaces on adjustments can be tricky! [05.12]
  • Useful techniques to get managers on board and provide staff with the support that they need. [07:00]
  • How not fulfilling workplace adjustments impacts their mental health and wellbeing. [09:29]
  • His top three tips for looking after his mental health [17:46]

Quotes on Getting Workplace Adjustments Right

  • Have a conversation with the employee, discuss what’s been recommended, and try to just put it in place.
  • I’ve met people who, because adjustments haven’t been fulfilled, they’ve just gone to their doctor, and been signed off with depression and stress.
  • One of the barriers for people is that some organisations have a ridiculous bureaucratic procurement policy!
  • It’s really important for organisations to engage specialist providers to do assessments, identify the need and implement the recommendations in a timely fashion.
  • If you build your processes for the minority, it will generally work for the majority.

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