What is disability and intersectionality?

In this week's podcast Leyla answers the question what is disability and intersectionality and why we need to care about it in the workplace. Continue Reading What is disability and intersectionality?

Welcome to the 170th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. This month’s theme is all about intersectionality and disability for Disability History Month 2020.

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On today’s show on disability and intersectionality

  • A podcast I really enjoy listening to. [00:41]
  • Why progress in EDI is often glacial. [02:10]
  • What is intersectionality? [02:39]
  • About the wheel of systemic advantages and disadvantages. [05.45]
  • Understanding intersectionality and disability [14.07]

Quotes on disability and intersectionality

  • It’s imperative to consider disability in a holistic way.
  • It’s about barriers. It’s about inequity. It’s also about the hurdles that people might have to jump over because the system is set up in a particular way.
  • If we’re closer to power, we’re going to have fewer barriers. So, it’s the circumstances that can support people or undermine them.
  • We know that secure environments and a lack of caring responsibility enable free or freer choices to be made.
  • There is a considerable variation that exists between people, and this will be influenced by both external and internal factors.

Resources on disability and intersectionality

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