Making Climate Justice Accessible

In this week's episode I speak to Pooja Thilvawala about making climate justice accessible for all and how South Asians can get involved. Continue Reading Making Climate Justice Accessible

Welcome to the 206th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. It’s South Asian Heritage Month, and this year’s theme is all about celebrating the stories that make up our diverse and vibrant community. This week we are talking about making climate justice more accessible. To join me today to discuss this further is Pooja Tilvawala.

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About my guest

Pooja (she/her) is an Indian-American climate justice advocate, opportunity curator, and youth engagement expert with 5 years of experience in the global climate movement. She has degrees in Economics and International Studies with a focus on Justice, Ethics, and Human Rights from American University in Washington, DC.

Since 2020, she has served as the Founder and Executive Director of Youth Climate Collaborative (YCC) which aims to create a more just, inclusive, and intergenerational climate movement that allows young people to take meaningful climate action while sustaining themselves and their initiatives. 

She is also the CEO of and an Advisor to Rivet, which is creating the world’s largest microgrant fund for youth-led action by harnessing youth purchasing power through brand/company partnerships.

She is an active member of YOUNGO (the children and youth constituency of the UNFCCC), a member of the United Nations Major Group on Children and Youth, and most recently, was double-nominated to serve as the North America youth advisor to the UN Secretary General for climate change. Her purpose in life is to nurture her curiosity and creativity, encourage herself and others to challenge the status quo, and unite people to improve the quality of life for all.

In today’s show on Making Climate Justice Accessible

  • About Pooja, and what she’s working on at the moment [02:49]
  • Her journey to becoming a climate change activist. [05:39]
  • On navigating the campaigning space of climate change [09:31]
  • What the term “climate justice” means to her. [14:09]
  • Her top three mental health tips. [26:19]

Quotes on Making Climate Justice Accessible

  • In the US, rural communities suffer and they don’t get enough attention.
  • I really like paddleboarding, and I want to restart doing dance classes.
  • If you’re trying to address problems in a community, you should have the solution design be community-led and driven.
  • I also like taking action with friends.

Resources on Making Climate Justice Accessible

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