People of colour, sex and mental health

We are approaching Valentine’s Day, where the focus is commercial love. This can be too much. So, today’s podcast is all about exploring people of colour, sex and mental health. 

I couldn’t talk about this on my own, because I am not an expert. I am delighted to be joined by Dr Annabel Sowemimo on this week’s episode of the Diverse Minds podcast. 

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About my guest

Dr Annabel Sowemimo is a Community Sexual and Reproductive Health doctor. She has completed an MSc in Sexual & Reproductive Health Research as well as an undergraduate in Medical Anthropology. Annabel assisted in developing training for medical students on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). In addition, she continues to campaign on a range on a range of Reproductive Justice issue. Annabel is a contributor for online platforms including Black Ballad, The Independent and, writing on a range of health, social justice and cultural issues. 

Annabel is the founder of Decolonising Contraception (DC) a community interest company. DC is aimed at addressing the unethical history in sexual and reproductive health, particularly experimentation on people of colour. Decolonising Contraception highlights how culture and history impacts people of colour and their experience of sexual and reproductive health care. Decolonising Contraception has completed a crowd-funding campaign to create the first sexual health and well-being festival for people of colour in the UK. This will take place on 18 April 2020. 

Annabel firmly believes that healthcare should be about empowering people with knowledge to make informed choices about their bodies. As a result, she spends her spare time campaigning on reproductive justice, NHS cuts and improving the healthcare of marginalised groups. When she is not in scrubs or in the clinic; Annabel can be found at a protest with a placard or the theatre.

In today’s show, we talk about:

  • Why Annabel started Decolonising Contraception. [02:41]
  • Her key career learning points to date as a doctor. [05:3]
  • About The Sex Fest. [09:35]
  • Some challenges she has seen in relation to POC communities, sex and mental health. [14:21]
  • Her top three tips for creating an inclusive space for mental health and wellness in the workplace for POC [25:19]
  • Annabel’s hopes, aims and ambitions as a doctor and also for Decolonising Contraception in 2020. [32:19]

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  • When you have ideas in your head, you never know whether when you speak them aloud, people are going to start laughing at you, or they’re going to embrace it and be like, actually, no, I thought that too.
  • I think that healthcare is a basic human right, and everybody should have access to good quality healthcare.
  • Everybody has biases, prejudices and political stances, and we have to challenge and discuss these things if we’re going to progress.
  • If you have an idea, definitely always say it out loud.
  • I’m really just enjoying being given multiple platforms and space to talk about these really vital issues that transcend not just sexual health, but across the entire healthcare sector. 

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