The Power of Mentoring

In this week's podcast Leyla is joined my Karen Tsui to talk more about the power of mentoring for both mentors and mentees. Continue Reading The Power of Mentoring

Welcome to the 160th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. September’s theme is all about personal development. This week, we are focussing on the power of mentoring, and to join me in speaking about this is Karen Tsui. 

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About my guest

Karen is the  Director of Two Trees Consultancy, specialising in enhancing inclusion in the workplace. Two Trees collaborate with organisations from the public, private and third sectors, facilitating them to find viable routes to enhanced inclusion through consultancy, training and coaching.

She is also Collaboration Development Manager for the White Rose University Consortium. Karen is an inclusive leader with 20 years of experience working in six research-intensive universities in the UK and Hong Kong. A trusted expert in collaborative research across regional (White Rose) and International (Worldwide Universities Network) partners.

A positive energiser generating enthusiasm and outstanding performance in others. She is also co-Chair of the Women at Leeds Network (1100 members) which creates opportunities to transform women’s lives, with mentoring discussions a key part in this.

In today’s show on The Power of Mentoring

  • About Karen and the work she does. [01:56]
  • How she became interested in the mentoring process. [03:08]
  • What the term “mentoring” means to her. [05:44]
  • What needs to happen to enable mentoring relationships to flourish in the workplace [07:51]
  • The barriers staff of colour face in accessing mentors [15.03]
  • Her top 3 tips for looking after her mental health. [23:16]

Quotes on The Power of Mentoring

  • To me, mentoring is a professional relationship between the mentor and the mentee, to help the mentee to progress in their career.
  • Those of us from Chinese backgrounds are not always good at putting ourselves forward or speak up as much as I do.
  • I have suffered quite bad mental health that turned into physical challenges for me.
  • Give yourself permission to take a break.
  • When I had my episode of mental health challenges, I found that I was no longer myself. I thought I was another person.

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