Turning your passion into a business

In this week's podcast Leyla is joined by Rosie Khandwala of Aqua Natural Ltd to talk about turning your passion into a business to kickstart April's personal development month. Continue Reading Turning your passion into a business

Welcome to the 83rd episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds Podcast. As we head into  April, I will be focussing on personal development, with this bridging episode with another fabulous female entrepreneur. This week is all about turning your passion into a business.

The personal development theme will be centred on self-awareness, looking at how you want to shape your life, personal challenges and long-standing aspirations.

To kick off and joining me on the show is Rosie Khandwala the Co-founder of Aqua Natural Ltd. 

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About My Guest

Aqua Natural manufacture natural hair removal products for both the professional and retail market. Rosie’s career started at age 15 working as an apprentice in her cousin’s salon in Tanzania. At the time they had no access to any imported cosmetics or skin care, so they had to adapt and learn the skills of holistic natural treatments. They made all the skincare treatments used in the salon formulated using natural ingredients extracted from herbs, fruits and combining their home recipes. The most popular was waxing treatment, mixing sugar and lemon to make a paste was the traditional way and that was what was used!

Aqua Natural  was established in the UK in 1989 a couple of years later having moved from Tanzania. Whilst Rosie’s husband was setting up his trading business, she was trying to look for something that would give her flexibility to attend to her young and extended family. With her background, the choice seemed natural, to set up as a mobile therapist! Whilst setting up, she realized there was an absence of Sugar wax within the waxing sector.

This prompted Rosie and her husband to start the business. The market was wide open and they were very optimistic but what they didn’t realise is that they had very little knowledge of marketing in the beauty industry and soon the recession in the 1990s followed. Lessons were learnt the hard way but they survived and still running as a family business.

In today’s show on turning your passion into a business

  • What entrepreneurship means to Rosie. [04:10]
  • Her biggest leadership lesson she’s learned along the way. [16:27]
  • her advice for anyone looking to turn their hobby/passion into a business. [21:44]
  • Some of the benefits that people can bring in terms of culture to their business [24:47]
  • Her top 3 tips for looking after her mental health [28:35]

Quotes on turning your passion into a business

  • Just make sure that you don’t give up on your passion even if it takes time for it to become a business.
  • I think business is all about educating yourself and making sure you know where you need help.
  • We don’t take work home, when we get home we focus on family.
  • If you don’t look after yourself, you don’t have that confidence in yourself.
  • It’s very vital that you maintain your self discipline and focus.

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