200th Episode Celebration

This week's episode is the 200th episode celebration! Yes, four years of my podcast and to join me this week is Dr Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey. Continue Reading 200th Episode Celebration

Welcome to the 200th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast!

Yes, can you believe it? 200 episodes and nearly 4 years into the podcast. So this week’s is a 200th episode celebration!

To join me today in celebrating is the person who encouraged me to start a podcast and has shown me unwavering support, Dr Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey.

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About my guest

Dr Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey is the world authority on evidence-based inclusion in the workplace. His consultancy provides research, training and consulting to make organisations inclusive.

He has a PhD from the London School of Economics and this allows him to combine professional expertise with the academic rigour that his clients expect, these include Aviva Insurance, Sony Pictures, Conde Nast, John Lewis, Natwest Bank and Meta. 

He is the host of The Element of Inclusion; a weekly podcast that informs and educates using applied research and thought leadership. Dr Jonathan has been featured in the Financial Times, Bloomberg and BBC News. 

A prolific writer, Dr Jonathan is on a mission to help a million people to make their workplace inclusive through his writing, courses and other resources

In today’s show the 200th episode celebration

  • What makes Jonathan so passionate about evidence-based inclusion. [02.59]
  • The reasons why data is not collected and interpreted in the correct way in workplaces [08:51]
  • How to readdress the disproportionate allocation of resources to the C-Suite, and senior leaders. [13:16]
  • The way Dr Jonathan defines diversity, inclusion and equity. [16:00}
  • Dr Jonathan’s special offer for Diverse Minds Podcast listeners
  • His top 3 mental health tips. [32:30]

Quotes on the 200th episode celebration

  • In everything you do at work, you use data to make decisions.
  • When they are talking about diversity training, inclusion training and so on, it’s always focused on the people at the top and ignores the middle manager.
  • Evidence based is four key areas: what the literature says (research), what the organisation says (key data points), stakeholders and expertise.
  • Whenever I read a book, I take five memorable quotes, four stories, three practical activities, two frameworks, and one critical perspective. This allows me to get so much value from a book and make it practical, relevant, and something that I can communicate to other people.
  • I like to watch movies that have a really simple narrative for my mental wellbeing.

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