Ancestral Legacies and Writing

In this week's podcast Leyla speaks to Jackee Holder about using writing as a healing tool. Focusing on ancestral legacies and reclaiming Global Majority voices. Continue Reading Ancestral Legacies and Writing

Welcome to the 213th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast.  It’s our final in the series on writing and wellbeing. Today we are talking about ancestral legacies and writing. You are in for a real treat as we’re joined by the lovely Jackee Holder.

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About my guest

Jackee has a portfolio career as a Leadership coach at executive and board levels, on leadership development programmes and as an expert promoting the health and wellbeing benefits of journaling, expressive writing and nature wellness. 

Jackee has penned three non-fiction titles, two illustrated nature themed writing maps, Writing With Fabulous Trees and Re-Wilding The Page Writing Maps. In 2016 she self published the Inner & Outer Nature Self Discovery card deck, a collection of 49 nature inspired journal writing prompts bringing together the benefits of nature and therapeutic writing. 

Her work has been featured in several anthologies including; The Big Book Of Journaling, Transformational Journaling For Coaches, Therapists  and Clients, The Creativity Workbook For Coaches and Creatives, Inside Creativity Coaching and 101 Coaching Supervision Techniques, Approaches, Enquiries and Experiments.  

Jackee is regularly featured on a host of podcasts and summits. She currently pens a monthly column for Psychologies Magazine, the UK’s best selling emotional wellbeing magazine.

A well seasoned walker of London streets, parks and green spaces with over 10,000 walking and writing hours under her belt. Jackee describes herself as an urban city walker and enthusiast of the health and well being benefits of connecting and engaging with trees and nature inside urban environments.

In today’s show about Ancestral Legacies and Writing

  • About Jackee and what she’s working on at the moment. [02:49]
  • What the term healing through writing means to her. [13:18]
  • Her thoughts on who has the right to write especially for those of us from Global Majority Communities. [21:24]
  • How workplaces can support staff in journaling. [28:08]
  • Her top three mental health tips. [31:07]

Quotes on Ancestral Legacies and Writing

  • I think we can create spaces where people can write together 
  • There is nothing more liberating than writing in your own voice.
  • Writing using analogue techniques is so relaxing.
  • My journal is something that is with me 24/7.

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