Looking Beyond New Year’s Resolution

On this episode of the Diverse Minds Podcast, I talk about how to look beyond fleeting New Year’s resolutions and think about mental wellbeing 365, or 366 days of the year.

We hear it every year, don’t we? Setting intentions and then giving up on New Year’s resolutions. 

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Looking Beyond New Year’s  Resolutions

The second Friday in January is apparently when most people quit or “fail” their New Year’s resolutions in some way. It can be down to the time of year, feeling pressured into setting these resolutions or wanting to see quick results and feeling disheartened. 

I gave up this practice a long time ago as January is a time I want to hunker down, drink copious amounts of tea and read.  I try not to set endless goals I will then feel stressed about.

How mental health experts look beyond New Year’s Resolutions: 

  • Poppy Jaman’s, OBE top tip. [02:37]
  • A tip from Danielle Mensah, CEO of QiDanChi. [03:29]
  • The poet Jaspreet Kaur’s top tip. [04:32]
  • The Stranger under the Bridge, Neil Laybourn, co-founder of This Can Happen Conference top tip. [05:10]
  • Petra Velzeboer, International Keynote Speaker’s top tip . [06:00]
  • Hope Virgo, author of Stand Tall Little Girl, mental health campaigner and public speaker’s top tip. [06:55]
  • Ruth Cooper-Dickson, Founder and Managing Director Champs Consulting’s top tip. [07:34]
  • Nadia Mendoza from The Self-Esteem Team’s top tip. [08:24]
  • Insights from Jonny Ward, The Anxious Fireman Mental Health Training. [09:07]
  • Sarah Card, Blogger and Mental Health Champion’s top tip. [09:59]
  • A tip from Charlotte Underwood, Blogger, Author, Freelance Writer, Mental Health Advocate & Suicide Survivor. [10:36]
  • Anneli Roberts, working to fight for mental health awareness top tip. [10:56]
  • And finally, my tip [11:49]
  • About my coaching programme and my special January jumpstart package. [13:16]

Here are some helpful resources mentioned in this episode:


  • I pay a lot of attention to the quality, quantity and variety of food I eat in order to nourish myself. 
  • It’s a series of small activities that contribute to my wellbeing. 
  • When I think I’m not giving enough attention to my close friends and family, I act quickly to rectify this.
  • I love my work so much that I sometimes need to be careful of overworking or moving towards burnout.
  • I look after myself by always taking time to carve out some me-time first thing in the morning.

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