Body Positivity and how to be an ally with Sarah-Daisy Burnard

It’s National Obesity Week, so I wanted to take a different perspective and talk about Body Positivity on this week’s episode. To help me with this, I am joined by Sarah-Daisy Burnard who hosts the podcast Shake the Tree.   

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About my guest

Sarah is a 43-year-old mother of 4 with one more on the way. Having grown up in Oxford, she describes herself as a dual heritage having a Mauritian mother and English Jewish father. 

Sarah has always felt a little outside of the usual. In relation to the typical ways of doing things, but simultaneously admits to a love of the old ways of doing things, as in thousands of years ago when we last had a matriarchal society ;-) . As an aspiring dancer and singer, and a feminist who believes in equality and fair representation for all. She also believes in love, kindness, dancing and gardening.

In today’s show, we talk about:

  • Sarah-Daisy’s bio and her work in this area. [01:34]
  • What body positivity means to her. [02:28]
  • What made her start the podcast Shake the Tree. [06:40]
  • Her advice to other parents, carers or guardians in terms of supporting young people with body image. [10:15]
  • What can workplaces do to start the conversation about body positivity and perceptions of certain people [26:26]
  • How the body-positive agenda could it be made more inclusive. [38:04]

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Helpful body positivity resources mentioned in this episode:

Body Positivity Quotes: 

  • Food neutrality ability to look at food, any food and not attach an emotional response to it.
  • If the cake makes you feel ill, that’s one thing. If you know that you’ve already had two pieces of cake, and this is your third piece of cake that’s probably going to make you feel a bit rubbish, then don’t have it. 
  • It was a real revelation just to see how strong I was, how capable I was of lifting weights and doing exercises that never really occurred to me.
  • This book shows how ideas of beauty have always been used to justify systems of oppression.
  • If you want to control the people, make them starve themselves.

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